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Endless Summer with Kara Rane on #Etsy {#Giveaway}

This post is part of Endless Summer at Artsy Chaos, happening only during September!

"Hope Full"  9" x 12"

For some, summer goes much further and deeper than just a season.  Summer is a theme, a feeling or mantra by which one lives their life to the fullest and brightest.  Since most of us live in a world where the seasons change and the world around us bends and wanes with the weather, there is just one way to "see" summer all year round and that is through art.

"El Fortin" 9" x 12"

"Luke"  12" x 9"

Let me introduce you to Kara Rane.  Kara has created a collection of art which begs you to sit down and enjoy its vibrant colors and playful summer tickle.  In her words, "discover your paradise".  Kara's Made in Vieques art collection is a Limited Edition Collection of Fine Art Giclee Prints. Only 20 reproductions are created for each image selected and each is signed and numbered by the artist. 

 "Vieques"    9"x12"

"Carousel Confetti"  9"x12"

Please get to know Kara and her art a little better through my interview with her.

Q: What would you like us to know about you?

Kara:  The reason I create is to communicate.  Images are our Universal Language.  My hope is to share beauty, happiness, courage, compassion, all with an understanding that the world is challenging, people are suffering.

The body may be satisfied through material necessities; food, water, clothing and shelter.
But our spirit, our soul has needs too.
We seek acceptance, enlightenment, Love.
Our soul needs Peace.
How can we obtain this?  Through meditation, unity to a higher source, and art- I believe our soul can be fulfilled in this way.  We can find Peace.

"444"  12" x 9"

Q: When did you begin as an artist?

Kara:  I began as an artist when I accepted the responsibility.  Somehow I knew it was the most powerful form for me in which to achieve awareness, change, and balance.  There was a moment when I was finishing my Biology and Environmental Science degree that I realized my impact to the world, my community, could not be met in the traditional structure in which these studies were limited.  I had always expressed my love for Life and nature through my art, but making the choice to pursue this path, to define myself as an artist was an instant transformation.  It truly was a revelation that has allowed me to endeavor on a journey that never ends, and that is always a beginning.

"Gringo" 12" x 9"

Q:  Where do you draw your creativity from?

Kara: The world excites me. Exploring new places or discovering newness in everyday places, there is possibility and adventure. Nature especially fascinates me, from bizarre to glorious, inspiring and sometimes even cruel, heartbreaking.
Simply embracing it all, breathing each moment, can take me beyond self and into a realm of completeness, being whole.  From here I hope to gather the energy and vision for my art.

"Being" 12" x 9"

Q:  Is color important to you, why?

Kara:  Yes! Color is my heart.  How can I give more?  I want the viewer, the connection, to experience the most imaginable.  The feeling of so many sensual desires, memories, recognition, any meaning at all, can be achieved with color. 

"Sojourners" 12" x 9"

Q:  Do you do any other craftsy things in your life?

Kara:  Making things with my hands is very important to me.  My activities really do reflect my life.  I have worked in a variety of mediums: clay and ceramics (I used to own a potters’ kick-wheel), glass (large scale installations in NYC to sea glass jewelry in the Caribbean), fabrics and textiles (silk-screening T-shirts and hand stitching), gardening (all varieties of herbs and native California plants) and food (organic foods and experimenting with Global cuisines).  My continuous devotion is to improve my skill and technique, no matter the material.  I will also work in any available space, be it a storefront studio or the beach, I do not let anything stop my creative process.

Q:  How did you begin selling on Etsy?

Kara:  When I was living in Brooklyn NY in 2006 my friends started talking about Etsy.  They encouraged me to join and I did with the plan that I would sell art online that coincided with my business in the Caribbean.  I signed up in March 2007, but due to the island (& possibly the Bermuda Triangle), I was unable to access any digital realms for 3+ years.  I did try to have a reliable Internet connection, but there were so many obstacles it was impossible.  Very soon, I just gave in to the native way and did not try to force my modern, urban tools.  This life appealed to me, but I always knew and dreamed that one day I would be able to join the Etsy community.  Now that day has arrived and I am so happy to have a little shop of my own, where I can share my art within the support of a hand~made market place.  It really is so special to be appreciated as an artist, Thank You.

"Occupation Coqui"  12" x 9"

Kara has graciously offered to giveaway one signed and numbered Made in Vieques giclee print to one lucky Artsy Chaos reader.  *Choice of any of the pieces pictured on this post.*  You can win your very own piece of an endless summer to gaze upon year round!

Click "read more" to view the giveaway entry form if viewing this post from the main blog page.

Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter this giveaway.  Be sure that your java is up to date and be patient, it may be slow to load.  If you are unable to see the Rafflecopter form or the GFC widget to follow, please refresh the page and that will usually do the trick! 

Giveaway ends September 21st at 11:59 PM EST. All entries are verified, those not meeting rules and tasks will be void and will forfeit all winnings. Open to the US only, 18+. Winner must respond to winning email in 48 hours or a new winner will be selected. This giveaway is in no way associated with Twitter and/or Facebook. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor, Artsy Chaos is not responsible for lost or misdirected prizes - although we will do our best to assist you! Please contact us with any questions.

Good Luck!

FTC Disclosure:  We received no compensation or products to facilitate this post.  There is no material connection to the subject/sponsor.  Just an honest Etsy shop artist/review!


shirley fin said…
would love 444 for my bedroom

abile27 at yahoo dot com
Unknown said…
Occupation Coqui for my library.

unforgetable_dreamer_always (at) hotmail (dot) com
Elsie said…
What fun, color and excitement..

I'd add "Occupation Coqui"
to my niece's daughter's bedroom wall...for childhood is ours to enrich and delight!
Jonathan Pearl said…
Gringo Beach in bedroom.
Maegan Morin said…
I love the Carousel Confetti Print! So pretty and so totally me!
JillHogan said…
I love gringo beach for my classroom at school.
JillHogan said…
I love Earth Day in your portfolio, and what you can do with just markers!
kara rane said…
Thank Y♡U so much for these comments.
I am so happy to connect with people in a unique way. And I truly learn so much from your perspectives, & where you would display the art*!
love it~
Marija said…
I would choose the Viques print to hang above my desk!

marija.majerle at gmail dot com
Marija said…
I love "Sun Bay" from Kara's portfolio!

marija.majerle at gmail dot com
Nicole Coakley said…
Such beautiful, cheery colors! I wish I could have them all! I definitely think I'd choose to get Carousel Confetti for my bedroom though. I am totally obsessed with carousels so it's entirely fitting.
jeff a said…
gringo for my bathroo,--its done in all sea shells
Jamie Adkins said…
Love Gringo and soujourners. Beatiful!
Unknown said…
love the Gringo Beach
kendraco22 at yahoo dot com
Whitney said…
Beautiful artwork from a beautiful person - I absolutely agree with her outlook on life & mission to find peace.
sheree said…
Sheree said:
My favorite from her etsy shop is Being
Egle said…
i like Esperanza Beach : Live in Peace.

i would display this picture in my study. while working hard it is good to look at something peaceful, inspiring and motivational. i think this picture is just that.

egle dot mane at gmail dot com
Crib Couture said…
I'd pick Sojourners and it would go in the bathroom. jessie taylor goodwin,
Melissa said…
I would choose El Fortin

I really like the Sojourners piece. The flowers and butterflies are a beautiful combination! :)

HolliLynn said…
I love the Gringo Beach. I love beaches but something about this caught my eye. Especially since there is more than one thing to focus on.
Julie said…
love the Esperanza beach so pretty with the palm trees
hebb dot julie at gmail dot com
Julie said…
i find it interesting that she uses childrens crayons pretty neat!!
hebb dot julie at gmail dot com
lightlovebeing said…
I love Sojourn
Unknown said…
I've got my Little Guy here, helping me choose a favorite. We both agree on "Hope Full" as being our favorite piece!
☮ ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com ☮
Unknown said…
My Little Guy likes "Sunshine Goin' Down" a.k.a. "Bio Bay" from Kara's portfolio.

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