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Watermelon Toes

July is just around the corner and we really hope that everyone is having a great summer!  I got a wild hair today and wanted to paint my toenails red, white and blue for the 4th of July holiday but alas, I had no nail polish in those colors.  Instead, I opted for watermelon toes. And here are some ideas for patriotic red, white and blue nails just in case you have polish in those colors!  (You can click on the photos below to go to the website where the idea was found.) Thanks for stopping by!

Makeup in Seconds, Discount Code Included!

I get tired of putting on makeup.  I just don't have the energy for it lately.  This is directly related to my health issues and Pernicious Anemia ( read my Anemia post here if you're interested! ).  However, I really miss how I look and feel when wearing makeup.  When I heard about Mistura and their 6-in-1 Beauty Solution I was intrigued. The 6-in-1 Beauty Solution is a powder which you use as a powder to give flawless, glowing skin.  But the best part is that you can also use it as eyeshadow, lipstick and blush!  It works on all skin tones so it's a beauty no-brainer.  Can you imagine traveling or having all your makeup in one little package in your purse?  I think it's a great solution all around. Here is a little bit from Mistura: "Blend this illuminating powder into your cheeks, forehead, eyes and lips for an instant full-coverage glow. Our amazing formula will hide blemishes, mute rosacea, glide over fine lines and wrinkles and bring an instant brill

Before the Sh** Hits the Fan...

Sponsored by The economy stinks.  Finding a good job is nearly impossible.  The Stock Market is iffy.  Feeding my family can be a struggle.  Gas prices are killing me.  I need to be prepared for the worst. Do you identify with any of these? Seems that our world slowly crumbles around us every day and things get tougher.  What would you do if you couldn't run down to the grocery store and pick up food for dinner?  Where would you turn?  OK, now that I have your attention and you're probably severely depressed, let's talk about being prepared to feed our families in the most dire of situations.  Gardening is an incredible way to save money, eat healthy and prepare for a food disaster as well as a wonderful creative outlet.  To help us in our gardening endeavors,  SHTF Garden is the place to be.  From the absolute novice garden to those growing lush acres of produce, SHTF Garden can help with advice, planning and money saving tips.  This is what the creat

Music on Monday

Johnny Reid Scottish-born Canadian artist Johnny Reid has a heck of a voice.  A little bit Bruce Springsteen, a little bit Billy Joel, a little bit Joe Cocker and a little bit John Denver is how we would describe this artist's style.  Fans of R&B and soft pop sounds are sure to like Johnny Reid.  We were given the opportunity to review Johnny Reid's DVD "Heart & Soul" and found his somewhat raspy, gravely voice to be very pleasant.  However, we're a little too Rock & Roll at heart to love this type of music.  I would have liked to see him and his band kick it up a notch and take advantage of that sexy raspy voice!!   Click the photo to enjoy a Johnny Reid video! If you enjoy newer Rod Stewart or even country music check out his newly released US CD, "Introducing Johnny Reid" .  He currently has songs on iTunes and for those in Canada, you can check out his upcoming tour dates and browse all his CDs at .   All in all, I thi