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Showing posts from September 16, 2007
Who doesn't like a good scrapbooking challenge !? With that thought in mind, I'd like to start a weekly challenge involving different techniques, themes, sketches and/or products. I'm hoping to jump start my scrapping and bring whoever else wants to participate along with me ! Let me know what you think... leave me a comment ! (I'm even thinking of giving out a prize monthly for fun.) I've been being very *free* with my scrapbook style lately and totally enjoying it. There is something very cool about letting go and creating just for the sake of creating. A quote by Moshe Dayan says "Freedom is the oxygen of the soul".... how true this is, not only our everyday freedoms but the freedom we give ourselves artistically !! I know I am so much happier if I enjoy the process rather than limiting myself to that box of preconceived notions about what scrapping is or should be. I created this layout because I love paperdolls and was just really being kind
I'm very excited for the upcoming 'Witch's Brew Crop' at !! It's happening October 5th-7th and Lauri has some amazing prizes and I am sure some inspiring and fun challenges. So put on your witch's hat, fly on over on your broom and make sure to cast a scrapbooking spell at !!