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Erin's Slumber Party {Utah's B98.7} @toddanderin

I was invited. Yay!      Every year, Erin, part of the dynamic duo which is Todd and Erin in the Morning on B98.7, holds a spectacular party... or "Slumber Party" as it were.  This party is for girls only and you must win tickets from the radio station in order to participate in the night's festivities.  I have never been before and was able to bring 3 people with me to event yesterday!  It was certainly easy to pick my party partners: My pretty sister! (As she got sparkles tied into her hair.) My beautiful daughter-in-law and daughter! Me with the lovely Erin!  (My hair was melting from the heat of the conference room.) Attendees to the Slumber Party wear pajamas, lounge pants, sweats, yoga pants; whatever, anything goes.  There is free food to try, lots of booths for shopping and spa treatments starting at $5.  We wanted to get my daughter's eyebrows waxed but that didn't work out, sadly.  My sister and daughter got sparkles in their hair at the Twilight Mo

Sore Feet No More! {and #Coupon offer!}

My tootsies get real sore anymore if I wear high heels of any sort.  Unfortunately, some of my favorite shoes have heels.  And while I am going to guess that almost everyone reading this post has heard of Dr. Scholl's inserts, you may not have heard of Dr. Scholl's® For Her High Heel Insoles.     My favorite pair of dress boots are burgundy and I think they're sassy and they kill the balls of my feet if I wear them for any more than two hours at a time.  Although I had heard about the For Her insoles, I had never tried them so when given the opportunity to try them out I was excited.  The inserts are gel and slightly sticky so they stay where you put them and give an extra cushion under your feet.  Although I can't say I could walk all day in heels with the Dr. Scholl's insoles, it certainly makes wearing heels a little more comfy on my feet. We have some $4.00 off coupons that we'd love to share with you .  The Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles reta

Blog Advice? Well, I disagree! #bloggingtips

I seem to have read a lot lately about how to be a good blog.  Most of the tips involve things like how to arrange your layout, what colors to use and where to focus.  And honestly, in my opinion, I disagree. Sure, if you want your blog to be like every other one out there go ahead and take the tips verbatim.  Much like a thought out neighborhood  in the suburbs, the cookie cutter starter homes line the streets looking exactly alike.  They're all the same color, the same building materials and the same 3 or 4 floor plans. And, yes, this is successful for the home builders; and a little boring.  Who says that every successful blog must be written and arranged the same way in the same colors just because it's the normal way things "work". What bothers me is that just like those cookie cutter homes, everything the same - lacks personality.  I don't think that Kat Von D (love her or hate her) would be where she was if she looked like every other bleached blonde in