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Timeshare Vacationing and 2 YEAR Membership Giveaway!

Sponsored by For about 20 years, we have enjoyed staying in timeshares for family vacations.  Up until recently, we spent every single 4th of July in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, in a timeshare.  Depending on how many family members would go, we could have up to 4 timeshare units. There was always something for everyone; a club house with pool tables and video games, a large grassy area for squirt gun fights and rocket launching, a playground for the littler kids and a river and Olympic size swimming pool close by. Last year we also stayed late in the summer at a canyon timeshare and had a fabulous time with a dam nearby.  The photo is of my youngest as we stopped by Devil's Slide, a natural rock formation in the area.   The advantages to vacationing in a timeshare are many. You get a kitchen so you can cook your own meals and save money.  Plus, when someone's hungry they can just eat rather than having to "go out". Timeshares have bedrooms which means t