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Showing posts from May 22, 2011

Anemia? Huh.

Those that know me and maybe some of my readers here know that I have been struggling with health issues for several years now, the worst being the past 2 years.  Extreme fatigue, chest and abdominal pain, heart palpitations, numb hands and feet, dizziness, gastrointestinal problems, hair loss, low thyroid, high blood pressure, racing pulse, shortness of breath, off balance when walking and just plain feeling beyond crappy.  I've seen my physician many times over the past few years and he's treated me for each of these symptoms with medication and it seems that my stock of pills just keeps growing and I don't feel any better.  This past week I decided to schedule another appointment since I had been having severe gastrointestinal problems, a pain in my upper right abdomen and awful nausea.  What I was basically told was I probably just needed to change my diet, exercise more, oh and by the way it might just be psychological.  So now he thinks I'm a nut case?  Great.  Wo