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No Streaks!

Sponsored by Black Diamond Granite Cleaner Review and Giveaway The worst thing ever is to clean your home to a brilliant shine and oops! all the shiny surfaces are streaked. No matter how much you wipe, with some cleaners you can't get rid of that "hey look at me I was just cleaned (sort of)!" rainbow streak.  It's annoying.  And depressing.  Well, not with Black Diamond Granite Cleaner !  Seriously, it leaves NO streaks of any kind and marble, granite and tile are left with a clean clear and classy surface. Plus a big bonus, no rinsing required! We tried out the Black Diamond Granite Cleaner on both shiny black granite tile as well as ceramic tile.  The pH neutral cleaner worked fantastic on both surfaces.  We were happy to learn that by using this cleaner, the factory finish is maintained and it will not harm any sealers.  It is also 100% biodegradable and safe for daily use on all your kitchen, bathroom and other counter tops and tiles like ma

The Sound of Sunshine

Music is inspiring. Music is healing. Music brings energy and happiness. If you feel that all of these are true and you enjoy a little bit of reggae mixed with a jazz sound, thrown in with a bit of folk and rock beat with a hint of rap, then you must listen to the uplifting musical soup of Michael Franti & Spearhead !  Caution: you may feel the need to jump up and get moving! Making a difference figures prominently for Michael Franti, not only in his music. Michael is an advocate for peace, stopping violence, and an artist with a conscience. When I read this about him it made me stop and think. As parents, neighbors and just as human beings we should live with a conscience and strive for peace and understanding. If we raise our children to be selfless and treat others with care and compassion, our world might be just a little bit closer to peace for all. What a wonderful thought. The Sound of Sunshine is Michael Franti & Spearhead's newest album, full of lots of so

The Great American Backyard Campout and The Biggest Tent on Earth!

Yep.  We now possess the largest tent ever made for a family on a budget; the "Mountain View Vacation Lodge".  Just in time for The Great American Backyard Campout! Ain't she a beauty? We have been needing wanting to purchase a new tent for quite some time now.  Our old tents are just that... old .  Plus, they're either missing their rain fly, leak, have a hole, have broken poles or are missing something else.  We actually didn't go camping at all last summer because of the tent situation.  So now, we have the biggest tent ever made for a family!  This tent is 20x11 and has 3 rooms and a canopy. It's HUGE .  It makes me happy. The new tent is also here just in time for The Great American Backyard Campout .  Every year, the National Wildlife Federation supports Great Outdoors Month by coordinating this nationwide even in the US.  Anyone and everyone can participate!  You can camp as a group, with friends or family, or even alone.  Campouts take place in bac