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Easy Peasy Wreath #Craft

It seems like it has been a very long time since I posted about scrapbooking, crafting or anything handmade by me.  So with that in mind, check out the wreath I made the other day! This is such an easy craft that turns out beautifully!  Pretty much all that is involved is cutting out circles of fabric to make flowers.  I used three different lids to trace the circles and then cut them out.  I chose to use four different coordinating fabrics and various brads to assemble my "flowers".  Stack up the three different sizes of fabric circles, stab a brad through the center and voila! you're ready to get the hot glue gun going. By the way, I like to do crafts while sitting on my bed watching tv... that part of the house is air-conditioned and I can watch what I want on tv. :) Once you have assembled your flowers (I'm not sure how many I made but I did use almost all of 1/4 yard each of the 4 fabrics) hot glue them onto a grapevine wreath.  I pushed the brads in a little

Mistura Beauty Essentials #Makeup Review

As a mother, when we're strapped for time in the morning, what do we do?  We usually skimp on ourselves.  We'll make sure that the kids are dressed properly and those ponytails are just right, which may mean no time to put into our own appearances.  This is why I was so excited to try Mistura's 6-in-1 Beauty Soulution . Unfortunately, when I first opened the package from Mistura, the illuminating moisturizer had leaked all over the cute little plastic pouch and its contents.  I was afraid that the included baby Kabuki brush would never be the same but I managed to get the moisturizer out from it very carefully.  It was probably the incredible heat that this poor make-up suffered during shipping that caused the moisturizer to explode. The second thing that I was worried about was the shade of the 6-in-1 Beauty Solution.  Since I have very pale skin, the dark powder was a little intimidating.  I need not have worried!  The powder blends in very nicely in small layers so yo

Are you Freaking Serious!??! #parenting

I have just had what I would call.... a horrifying experience at my local grocery store.  Standing in an aisle, looking for a coupon in my organizer, a little girl comes skipping down the aisle about 20 feet away from her mother.  I glance over and notice that she's trying to skip the "cracks" in the flooring so I say "you do that very well!" and go back to my coupons.  This child got halfway back to where her mother was, and the mother says "Maribell (or whatever the child's name was, I couldn't understand because I wasn't really paying attention) you know you don't ever talk to strangers".  Seriously!?  As I walked by this paranoid mother, I politely told her that her daughter didn't speak to me, that I spoke to her.  The mother said "she knows she isn't allowed to talk to strangers" and laughed uncomfortably.  Again, seriously!?  Perhaps a 40+ woman at the store with no make-up, a large coupon organizer and a froo-

I Can See Clearly Now {#Giveaway} @EyeBuyDirect Review

Having a whole family that needs prescription eyeglasses can get expensive, really expensive.  You could pay upwards of $500 for a single pair of frames and lenses at your local eye wear store.  Holy yikes!  But what can you do, force your style conscious kids to wear the cheap frames?  I think not. Luckily, today we have many different options when selecting and purchasing prescription eye wear.  We are not forced to only buy in a brick and mortar store but we can purchase eye wear online with great savings. We can shop at EyeBuyDirect for cheap eyeglasses !  Honestly, we were a bit scared of the whole idea of buying eyeglasses online .  Having been first introduced to the idea by my daughter-in-law who works for a very large call-to-order contact lenses company (think special eyes ), we were nervous about ordering something so "personal" as glasses because they really are an accessory in every sense of the word.  How can you decide what frames to get when you can't tr