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Baklava and the Beauty

Today was Greek day at our house.  Actually, we had to make Baklava for an awards ceremony earlier tonight.  The kids had to dress up for said ceremony.  My husband also taught us a few greek terms like moose ca ca and if you haven't seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding , you're seriously missing out, and well, probably don't get the joke.  Phyllo dough is really cool and a bit touchy to work with.  I honestly had never made Baklava before but have made meat pies with phyllo.  We were a bit worried when we put it into the oven but after it was baked to a golden perfection and the honey sauce was poured over the top, it was lovely.  I didn't get any pictures of the final product in the cupcake papers but I should have!  In case you're wanting a recipe, we used this one at .   We literally had about 10 minutes to find something Greek-ish to use for the dress-up portion of the evening since I didn't realize everyone was to dress up.  It apparently work

A Mustache and A Campaign

Currently, my daughter serves on the Student Council at her High School.  She loves it and wants to do it all again next year.  While I'm all for it, I am kind of stale when it comes to thinking of creative ideas for a campaign.  Really, how many times can you hear "pick a winner" "time for change" "make the school a better place" and "just do it"? So as I was about to fall asleep one night I thought.... mustaches.  They're all the rage right now so why not.  I shared the idea with my daughter and she was sold.  She's always "outside the box" a little bit anyway. *grin*  We've made wanted posters, mustaches on a stick and mustache necklaces.  Tonight we raided the dollar store for t-shirts and spray painted mustaches on them.  Tomorrow is voting day so she'll pass out the t-shirts in the morning... hoping for some extra marketing! I'm so glad that my children are involved in so many things and have so many opp

Tiny Collection

Tiny little things fascinate me.  Bits of broken jewelry, gumball machine prizes, and tiny toys like a Barbie doll's lost shoe make me happy.   I'm constantly trying to take over my kids' small little toys.  My daughter has a little tiny ninja but she has yet to give it up.  One day, oh yes, it will be mine. What it is that propels me to collect these tiny bits and baubles I have no idea.  Perhaps it's a way to hold onto a bunch of stuff in a little bit of space.  Perhaps they're just cute and adorable and I can't resist.  Or perhaps it's a way for me to hold onto not only bits of my childhood but my children's as well.  My youngest child is 14; well beyond the cute little toddler stage... well beyond many childhood things.  I remember when my oldest was the only child I had at the time and we would play together with tiny legos and tiny little cars.  They are happy memories.  So many these tiny little things are like memories in cute little packages.

Free March Wallpaper

Can you believe it is almost March?  I know, crazy! Basic Grey just released the free March wallpaper calendar.   Go grab it!

B1G1 Free Key at Ace

 Love this because I need some keys cut!  Become a fan of Ace on Facebook and get a coupon good for one free key cut when you buy one.  Coupon is good through the end of this month. Pretty sure you can't get the 'Oscar the Grouch' key but ain't it adorable!!!!

Cooking Sucks :)

I have a love/hate relationship with cooking and baking.  Love eating it..... Hate making it.  I'm a good cook too.  I always get the thumbs up from hubby and kids... well, except picky daughter but she doesn't count.  There is just something about measuring, mixing, stirring, tending and turning that I hate!  Maybe it's my impatient nature.  I'd much rather clean it all up than cook it in the first place.  Sadly, I have had to cook and cook and cook for many years!  And most likely will have to cook and cook and cook for many more!   Making Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies for Christmas I do love my kitchen gadgets and appliances as they make things easier.  The crock pot is my very best friend and we have had many good memories together.... oh beefy mushroom pot roast, soda pulled pork, sweet potatoes and chicken, and tomato hamburger soup.  The waffle iron often holds my hand for breakfast.  The Braun hand blender leads me through a lovely gravy.  The electric knif

Best Price Nutrition Review Part DEUX

Earlier this week I reviewed WHOLEmega Fish Oil from .  I also had the opportunity with my family to review four additional supplements: New Chapter Zyflamend, New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care, Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex and Gaspari Nutrition RX-6. Hopefully my experiences will help those of you who have hesitated with using supplements or wondered about benefits and possible side effects, like me.  Please, always consult with your personal medical professional before starting any new supplemental regimen and remember that everyone is different and may react differently than my experiences . New Chapter Zyflamend Zyflamend is supposed to help with inflammation and joint pain.  I was curious to see if this would have any effect on my husband's problems with his back.  Honestly, we didn't notice any difference on our joints but this could very well be because we simply don't have the problems that would be helped by Zyflamend.   Happily, we