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Showing posts from February 6, 2011

Free Music for Valentine's Day!

In the mood for some quirky music for the upcoming holiday?  Amazon has a free download of Lonely Hearts a Valentine's Day Sampler .  The songs are mostly old-school type Country.  I think they'd be fun to add to multimedia presentations and videos! 

Free 10x13 Portrait

Get a free 10x13 wall portrait at Sears Portrait Studios with coupon .  You can also get a portrait package for only $7.99.  Expires March 31, 2011.

Book Review: The Cause Within You

Matthew Barnett, founder of the Dream Center in L.A., has written a book about what it should mean to be alive.  This is how everyone should live everyday.   Pastor Barnett gives great advice and snippets of advice on living your life to the fullest while fulfilling the one great thing you were created to do in this world.  Regardless of your religious backgrounds or beliefs, the center core of this book is service to mankind.  What could be greater? In reading this book, we are reminded that by giving of ourselves, we become greater, more at peace and satisfied in knowing that we are living the way that we were meant to.  The many stories of people once lost to the street, to drugs, to abuse and other tragedies are uplifting and give you a respect for what Pastor Barnett does to help all walks of people through his Dream Center and programs.  If nothing else, this book will inspire you to be a better person, to live a better life and look deeper at those around you. From the publis

Wednesday Blog Hop

Like to meet new and interesting people?  Me too!!  Wow, we have something in common!!  Hehe. Come join us as we hop from blog to blog, following and making new friends.  After following the chaos here, click the button below and visit more blogs!  I'll be sure to follow you back as well. Thanks for stopping by!

How Adorable is This!?

A little touch of Valentine's!  This was much needed at my house especially since we just took down the Christmas tree.  (I know, sadly pathetic.) I was so happy when I received this fun fun fun banner (or bunting) in the mail today.  Lacey at Stinkbug Designs sent this to me and I just love it!!  I immediately put it up in the entry way as it seemed the perfect place. Are you decorating for Valentine's?  What fun goodies have you put up to celebrate?

Handmade with Love WINNER!

I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did participating in the Handmade with Love Winter Giveaway and Blog Hop.  I felt like I was window shopping as I browsed the shops and sites of the many, many sponsors.  Thank you to Simply Stacie and the other Hosts for organizing such a fun event! And now, what you've been waiting for.  Drumroll please....... The winner is... #49 Amanda!! Congratulations!  I will be sending an email shortly to get your information. Thank you to everyone for entering and stopping by!!

An Allergic Reaction to Nuts and Some Quick Decorating

Today is a weird day.  Not because it's Super Bowl Sunday, either.  My poor husband woke me up this morning looking very frantic.  He'd eaten some pistachio nuts and had an allergic reaction to them (we think).  His lips were numb and they were swollen along with his face and throat.  He had a red rash and little welts all over his body.  And he was itching like a mad man.  Seriously, if it wasn't a potential medical emergency I could have made a video and gone viral on YouTube.  Ok, ok... really, he was in bad shape.  Luckily he'd taken some Benadryl and while we were considering running to the emergency room, his body started to calm.  Whew.  Poor Hubby. While Hubby was sleeping on the couch (knocked out by the Benadryl) I monitored his breathing and opened up the decals that I had received a little bit ago from Dezign with a Z .  I actually won a gift card in a giveaway at Mommy D's Kitchen . Sidenote: Dinell at Mommy D's Kitchen is really great.  If you ha