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Endo Review and Giveaway!

We're so excited to introduce you to Endo ! Endo is here for all your outdoor t-shirt needs with incredible graphic designs to wear.  Cyclist?  Camper?  They're here for us all.  Seriously, what's better than a bright yellow tee with a huge tricycle on it?  Yes, a huge yellow real tricycle would be nice but hey, you couldn't wear that and it would undoubtedly be much harder to come by! We were happy to discover that the Endo t-shirt is longer than some which is definitely a bonus.  You know, no risk of the bad "low rise jeans - shorter tee - don't bend over or sit" dilemma.  It's also pretty dang soft and comfy. In addition to this great t-shirt, Endo also sent their logo tote bag.  These kind of backpack tote bags, or "man bags" as all the local teens call them (because all the boys in junior high have them!) are perfect for a light backpack to carry a water bottle, camera, cell phone, snacks, etc., for an impromptu hike, nature walk

Camp Blanket Tutorial, Part I

Throughout our April blog event, we are going to have tutorials and ideas to incorporate crafts into your outdoors and nature experiences.  This tutorial will chronicle the steps needed to create a camp or picnic blanket out of cast-off t-shirts. It's a fun way to recycle your memories! Part I I started out with a stack of t-shirts that my husband no longer wanted for whatever reason.  The man is a slave to comfort, not fashion.  I decided that I did not want a traditional t-shirt quilt because that's just the way I roll.  Hence, the quilt is going to have a more "log cabin" quilt look to it. First, cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt.   Next, cut open the shoulder seams and down one side of the shirt.  Basically it will look like a muscle shirt connected on one side. Now the tricky part begins.  I'm horrible with math and have a hard time explaining how I come to an equation so forgive me if this part is muddy.  Every t-shirt has a different graphic or p

Close To Home Event Kick-Off!!

We're so excited to have you here participating in our April blog event... "Close To Home Camping and Nature Art" Just in time to get ready for summer! To find out more about all the fun stuff we will be doing this month, please visit the Close To Home Event page for all the details and upcoming goodies. We'd like to start with a bang with our sponsor !  Sound good?  We think so. There are so many things to do and places to go for a vacation close to home.  I've heard some refer to this as "staycationing".  Camping, hiking, picnicking or even hanging out in the backyard with a fire pit and some marshmallows can be loads of fun for you and your families. This picture is one of my very most favorite places in the whole world to go and it's just over an hour away! There are so many products which make camping, picnicking and hiking easy and affordable and shopping is right at your fingertips. is an onlin

April Blog Event Page and Calendar

Thanks for stopping by the   Close to Home Camping and Nature Art Event   at Artsy Chaos!   We're thrilled to have you here! This event will run for the entire month of April. The following is a listing (with links when they go live) of giveaways, articles and other fun things going on this month.  Be sure to check back often so you don't miss anything! April 1st-21st - Healthy Hiker Gear Tent Giveaway April 2nd - Camp Blankets from Recycled T-Shirts Tutorial, Part I April 2nd-9th - Endo Wear Review and Giveaway April 4th - Crazy Dog T-Shirt Review April 6th - Enjoying the Night Sky and Yanni Truth of Touch Album Review April 9th - Camp Smartypants Spotlight and Giveaway April 12th - Camp Smartypants Sit-Upon Tutorial April 16th - Nachomama Tees Review April 18th - Cover Your Hair Review and Giveaway Costume Squad T-Shirt Giveaway Nature-Watch Gold Diggins Kit Review and Giveaway

March Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the latest giveaways! Be sure to drop by in April for our big Close To Home camping and nature art event.   We have some big giveaways and great articles and reviews in store. And now... the latest randomly selected winners at Artsy Chaos.... TheraBreath New Winner!  Sadly, the first notified winner did not respond. :( So congrats to #2 Tracy Suzanne! Handmade "Toothpaste Art" Card Winner! #25 beth $25 CSN GC Winner! #108 cw Congratulations!  You have each been contacted with further instructions.  Watch your email. :)