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Showing posts from July 6, 2008

The Heat, A Holiday and A New Necklace

It's so hot here ! Hot and dry. Not nearly as bad as hot and humid, but still... it's hot. Perfect for spending the fourth of July sleeping out in a tent, right ? Well, if you like saunas, then yes, perfect. That's exactly what we did for Independence Day. We spent the holiday camping in the backyard and watching the fireworks displays across the valley. Of course, some of the fireworks looked like tiny little explosions but hey, it was fun ! My son and his girlfriend hanging out: My daughter and Molly (Grandma's yorkie): And my husband.... GOLFING... in the field: The day before we had gone to the Freedom Festival, which is a city festival with loads of booths and activities. It was too HOT HOT HOT and I think I may have gotten a little heat exhaustion. As a reward for all my hard work (haha) I bought a pendant from TotusMel . I have always thought tatting was just cool and amazing and so pretty and have admired those that can do it. I tried once,