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Showing posts from June 22, 2008

June is Almost GONE !! ?

Here you think summer will never get around to arriving and BAM... a month of it gone already. We didn't even have to turn our air conditioners on until last week it's been so cool here by the mountains in northern Utah. However, it is now well up into the 90's and the forecast is for 100 degrees over the weekend. Can you say sticky ! So the other day my youngest children wanted to go fishing. OK, they have poles and they have fishing licenses. I also got the "we know everything about what to do, we have it under control" speech from them. Now I am not a fisherman, fisherwoman?, fishing expert or even novice of any kind. However, my kids seem to have a love of throwing the plastic line with the stinky bait into whatever watering hole they can find to try and lure some poor unsuspecting fish into their clever trap. I agreed to take them fishing, we packed a little picnic and headed to the local "community fishing area". Little did I know what I

Yahoo !!

Fun stuff. A few days ago a made a treasury, just goofing around Etsy looking at fun stuff. I'd like to say I have a pretty good eye for color and I think it turned out quite nicely. I guess Etsy admin must have thought so too because it ended up on the front page !! I can't believe I managed to see it AND get a screen shot of it. Actually, I was struggling with getting the entire screen in one piece and luckily my very bright very computer literate son came home just in time to help me figure it out. My robot treasury: Can't wait to post some fun summertime photos soon.... as soon as I get a break from my kids tearing me away from everything !! Happy summer-ing !! xoxoxox ~Wendy