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Showing posts from September 25, 2011

Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop!

The hop is now over and it's time for the big reveal. *cue the howling ghosts, please*..... You may remember that the hint for our giveaway was something that may sparkle when you put it in the sun. If you guessed vampires from the Twilight series, you are correct!! The winner will receive Stephanie Meyer's eclipse on audio 13 CD set (ARV $57). Depending upon whether you like the Twilight series or not, this may be a trick or a treat. The winner will also receive a 3 knife set by RC Willey (ARV $10). This could be a real trick depending upon how you look at it! Eeek! Thanks to everyone who entered! Check your email to see if you are the winner!! Happy Halloween! Welcome to the Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop!  Each blog participating in this event is offering a prize worth at least $50.... but you won't know what you get until the hop has ended.  It's like a Halloween surprise! Don't worry, however, as each blog will be giving away some really great p

Zits Be Gone! @OXYSkinCare Helps!

Stress School has been in session for about a month now and whoa to the teen years. Homework, friends, driver's licenses, dates, first jobs, stress, stress, stress.... and acne. We are thankful to have been blessed with really pretty clear skin but every once in awhile, those pesky zits will pop up on my teens' faces making them uncomfortable and self-conscious. Oxy Clinical to the rescue! My youngest son has been trying the OXY Clinical Actions Solutions Pack for over 30 days now. His acne issues are not serious and he seems to only get a few problems on his chin. After testing the OXY Clearing Treatment, Advanced Face Wash and Hydrating Therapy, his skin seems overall clearer and more smooth. He still has some "zits" on the chin area but I think that's because he wasn't diligent about using the Clearing Treatment (seriously, have you tried to get a 15 year old to cooperate in a month long review? ha!). I am impressed with how nice overall his skin look

Karina's #Craft Challenge!!

Here at Artsy Chaos, we are always up for a challenge. Mix crafting in that challenge and you have yourself a party! Karina over at Karina's Challenge recently asked several craft bloggers to participate in a bit of a game to see what everyone would come up with.  Everyone participating was given a bag of similar supplies to use and were allowed to add items from their own stash as well. I decided on a banner for my daughter's room! From the bag Karina supplied, I used the paper, brads and ribbon. The photo letters are from Artistic Letters and are copyright   by Jodi Gerber. (We have an article on Artistic Letters which you can read here .) This was a lot of fun, thanks Karina!  There will be voting on the projects over at Karina's Challenge October 1st-8th if you'd like to head over and participate.

Unbelievable Prices on Beautiful #FashionJewelry with @Gofavor

We are pleased to introduce you to , one of our fabulous sponsors for the Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event, October 14-19, 2011.  Over 130 blogs are participating, each with a prize minimum of $50 to give away.  Don't miss it! I love fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, whatever jewelry you'd like to call it.  It just speaks to me in some karmic way.  Maybe I love it so much because as a child, my grandmother would buy me the kid's jewelry from the Avon catalog.  If you're old enough, you'll remember the plastic pins with the pots of solid perfume on the back.  I think I had them all. Recently, I discovered, an online retailer of fashion jewelry with unbelievable pricing.  Seriously, you can find items as low as 90 cents!  I might have been a little skeptical at first but having been given the opportunity to review some of Go Favor's items, I am sold!  Yes, the quality is not what you'd see at a fine jewelry store but the excep

Create Custom Photo Cards with @Mixbook

I bet you're familiar with Mixbook through their amazing customer promotions and photo books, but did you know that they also have photo cards and invitations?  And that they have tons of great designs too? Mixbook was very generous in letting us try out their photo card services.  We chose to make and order some custom 5x7 flat  Christmas cards for the upcoming holiday season.  It really was hard to choose just one design but in the end we went with one that is a trendy mix of turquoise and red, a hot color combo right now.   The kids really didn't want to pose for some pics to use on the Christmas cards but in the end, I think I got some pretty good shots to use.  I changed them to black and white and the used Mixbook's easy-to-use built in website software to make our cards.  It truly was very, very easy to use as well as user friendly.  We were impressed with how many additional elements and fonts they have available for use on your cards.  For example, I