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#Halloween Cookies to Make You Smile! @SmileyCookie

Smiley Cookies. The name just makes you happy, right? Us too! I'm kind of a cookie gourmet, queen of the cookie eaters, if you will. Cookies are my weak spot. Well, that and cinnamon rolls but we'll save that for another day. OK, yes, chocolate cake as well but that's beside the point here. *deep breath* So, you might say I've seen a cookie or two in my day. I love the concept of Smiley Cookies with their cute little smiling faces just begging to brighten your day for a moment. I also love Halloween so you can imagine my delight to find Halloween Cookies with smiles in my mailbox! 12 little hand iced Jack O Lantern cookies were sent to us by Smiley Cookie to share about here on our blog. That's one dozen if you're counting. The packaging was amazing with a cute smiley face box holding our nicely wrapped and packaged cookies. Absolutely nothing was broken when they arrived. Not a single broken cookie! Which means that you could serve these cookies for

#Halloween Spaghetti & Eyeballs for Sadie Hawkins {The Daily Chaos 10/14/2011}

This post must be written lightening fast because I must leave soon to pick up my daughter from the high school's Sadie Hawkins dance and ferry her and her date to their next destination. How's that for a long, stressful run-on sentence full of far too many prepositional phrases. We had the distinct pain honor of hosting the dance dinner for 19 teenagers tonight. I don't know about you but I remember Sadie Hawkins as the dance where the guys always said no. Seriously, teenage boys can cut a teenage girl's confidence to shreds. Oh who am I kidding, grown men still do that. So we had dinner in the backyard complete with Halloween lights and a cauldron full of bubbling homemade root beer. My husband loves the homemade root beer and is always the dry ice master chef of the brew. At one point, he came in from outside all dejected because apparently the ladle had fallen into the cauldron and the kids had been trying to fish it out with their hands.... he didn't feel l

The Daily Chaos 10/13/2011 {My Life with #Teens}

Thursday proved to be a very busy day. I wore my taxi driver hat 8 times today. 8 times=8 trips to drop off/pick up and back home again. Seriously, when will these kids get their driver's licenses...? And the real crappy thing is, I don't even have a taxi driver hat. Do they sell taxi driver hats? Do they come in pink? Hmm.. On one of these trips it was just me and Oliver. Somehow we got talking about birthing babies. Ya, I know, weird. He said he didn't think anyone could really remember actually being born, like the actual birth. I said ya, I don't think so, and he made some strange "squirming and trying to be born" movement. My kids are unique . Then he asked me about his older brother's "autopsy". Say what? Autopsy? Ya Mom, you know when he wouldn't come out and they had to cut him out. Oh yes, C-Section, I said, not autopsy because that's what they do to dead people to find out how they died. And so he says don't judge me, I&#

#FashionistaGiveaway is Here, Win Beautiful Fashion #Jewelry

Welcome to the 2011 Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event! The 100+ bloggers participating in this event are so excited to bring you the chances to win thousands in drool-worthy fashion items! You can enter at each blog participating and enter for the grand prize of a Fendi Mini Beige Red Pochette Bag!! Here at Artsy Chaos you can enter to win over $60 worth of gorgeous fashion jewelry sponsored by and To find all about these great sponsors, please visit our review posts for Duel On Jewel and Go Favor . Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter the giveaway here. You may do either mandatory entry to enter; you must complete both to unlock extra entries.  Make sure your java is up to date and be patient, the form may be slow to load. If you are unable to see either the entry form or the GFC widget to follow us, please refresh the page and that should do the trick! After you enter here, use the linky at the bottom of this post to hop to another pa

@JacobBromwell #Vintage Authentic Sifter and an Old Recipe Too! #cooking

So many things are just not like they used to be; sturdy, solid, simple and built to last. Everything these days seems so rushed, hurried and disposable, including so many of the products on the market. Honestly, we get real tired of rolling the dice every time we purchase a product. I bet you do too. Jacob Bromwell is out of the ordinary. Established in 1819 with an idea to create solid cooking and kitchen ware, Jacob Bromwell creates products the same way they did back then and they are expected to last for generations. I inherited one of Jacob Bromwell's fine flour sifters from my father's family's estate. It may have belonged to his great-aunt Josephine or possibly his grandmother but in any case, it made its way to me many years later. I used to just turn the handle to feel how smoothly it turned the little wires inside the sifter. It was mesmerizing. Unfortunately, the sifter suffered during one of our moves in my early 20's and couldn't be put back tog

#Halloween Clues, Spells and Curses #Party Game... FUN!

There are a lot of party games and printable games out there on the internet. A lot of party games that well, are pretty much all the same and not that clever or involved. I mean, don't get me wrong, if you have a crazy family like I do a lot of lame games can be fun. But I found something much different and WAY BETTER . Insert =! Halloween is coming up and I have something perfect for your upcoming parties and get-togethers: Clues, Spells, and Curses Scavenger Hunt . Just the name is intriguing, right? I mean seriously, who doesn't want to cast a spell on smelly Uncle Charlie and Little Tommy's loud friend Helga! This downloadable game comes with everything, literally almost everything, you will need for an entire night of laughs and fun. The .PDF game is 25 pages long and you can use it over and over and over - it might even become a yearly tradition. The price may seem a little steep at $14.99 but remember that is on par or even less expensive than

#Halloween Discount on Costumes from @CrazyDogTShirts

We wanted to share a quick discount available from Crazy Dog T-shirts for Halloween. Did you know that they also have Halloween costumes available at some great prices? Of course, if you did you're thinking 'duh' and if you didn't, well, now you do. Courtesy of Crazy Dog, you can use these codes:  TRICK for $5 off any costume order, OR TREAT for 10% off any costume order; whichever gives you the greater discount. Happy Halloween!! FTC Disclosure: We received no compensation for this post, monetary or otherwise but do have a relationship with