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Showing posts from March 13, 2011

Weekend Blog Hop

Time to do a bit of blog hopping.  I also encourage you to "Shop for Japan" by clicking the widget in the left sidebar.  This will take you to an Etsy treasury where all or some of the profits are being donated to those in need in Japan.

Happy Birthday Printable

Over at the eighteen25 blog , they're celebrating a birthday.  I swear, it's the *cutest* blog ever.  As a thank you, they're offering this totally adorable printable birthday graphic to everyone!!  How amazing it that?  Thank you eighteen25!! There isn't any age group that I can't see this being appropriate for, really.  They also have a download for "boy" colors as well.   While you're checking out this adorable freebie, they have several giveaways going on as well.  Have fun!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For each petal on the shamrock. This brings a wish your way Good health, good luck, and happiness For today and every day. ~Irish Blessing

60 words in 60 minutes Challenge!

Write 60 words in 60 seconds. Up to the challenge? I stumbled upon this Blogfest at Nahno McLein and had to try it.  Really, you should try it too!  It's a workout for your psyche. :) It's shy. My art is shy. It lurks in the corners of a dusty brain... Smiling to itself in that sly way. Sometimes art takes a tumble to the other side Just to see it's little shy friends. They visit, compose... And share those timid and colorful plans. Then pop! And blurt! Bursting out of the mind... Art. ~Wendy