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I could be your Mother! Plus other happenings from the week.

This past week my oldest son turned 23. 23!!! I could say "seems like yesterday when he fill in the blank " but really, it doesn't seem like just yesterday; it seems like forever ago when he was little! I must be incredibly old. Some of you reading this might be the same age as my son which means I could be your mother .   .sigh.    Having another family birthday meant that I could make more cupcakes. This time it was carrot cake with buttercream cream cheese frosting. I tweeked the recipe just a bit from the one I had made previously in this post . Again, the cupcakes were topped with toppers from Expressions by Devin . My son lurves his Star Wars so the little Yoda, R2D2 and Darth Vadar were perfectly fitting. Did I say he turned 23 !?!? This past week also brought the state fair which is always super fun. Our youngest 2 kids had earned the right at our county fair to have exhibits shown in the state fair and it's always fun to go see what ribbons they mig

Want Pretty Garbage? @DesignerLiners Dress The Mess! {#giveaway}

Sponsored by Every once in awhile you come across an idea that is just plain clever.   DesignerLiners are a product that fits this bill. Trash bags are quite boring.  In fact, they're not snazzy or jazzy or cute in any way.  But now they can be!  DesignerLiners ( which is also just plain fun to say - try it in your best infomercial voice! ) have a pattern on the inside of the bag which shows when you fold it over a trash bin.  Clever! In addition to just a trash liner, I think the DesignerLiners would be great to use in assembling a gift basket.  A new trash can, add the cute liner and fill with cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, etc. and tie it up with a ribbon for a housewarming gift or college dorm gift.  It would be adorable and perfectly useful too!  The bags would also be perfect for the trash cans at your next scrapbooking crop or crafting event. The bags are biodegradable and come in ten different color/pattern combinations - Pink Polka Dot, Orange