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Basic Grey accepted another of my layouts into their gallery. It's been several months since I had anything in their gallery because I haven't used much of their product lately (shame on me !!). I was pretty excited about it !! The layout was made for the *So You Think You Can Scrap* contest at The inspiration came from an album cover. :)
Woohoo !! Oliver almost has his Arrow of Light, just a few more requirements to go. Last night at Pack Meeting, he received 6 more activity badges as well as 6 more belt loops. He only has 4 more activity badges left to earn !! He has been working so hard to earn everything that he can in Webelos, I am so proud of him. Oliver makes my life a little easier and for that, I am so blessed. I have 3 amazing kids and thank my lucky stars that they love me as much as I love them.
Our 3rd anniversary ... quite an accomplishment !! It may not sound like much, but we've gone through a LOT in the past 3 years. We spent the night at the resort near Park City where we got married. We had an awesome time driving the new truck up to the top of the mountain (laughing at being bounced by the washboardy road), eating at a fun new-to-us restaurant (which was almost empty so it felt like we had the place to ourselves !!), sitting in the mineral hot tub (with new swimsuits purchased at Walmart for $5 each, since we had forgotten ours), and just enjoying each other . I hope the next 3 years go a little smoother.... I know my sanity would benefit from that !! ;-) I love you My Love !!
I love lilies !! Unfortunately, I have not done a very good job of maintaining my flower beds this summer. It's been too darn hot. I feel so badly when I go outside in our yard and see weeds here and there along with the dead flower heads that I really, really need to clip off. My neighbors must think I'm terrible !! The flowers are just another reminder of the hard summer I have been having, but that's another story. On the bright side, if the weather cools down for awhile, I will have to get the flower beds into shape by autumn. AND, my lilies did have gorgeous blooms this year even with my neglect !!
ALASKA !!!!!!! My mom, my son and I travelled to Alaska on the Norwegian Star June 4th-11th. We had a great time and would not hesitate a little to return. We were awed by the beautiful scenery and even though we were on the ocean in a huge cruise ship, we felt like we were on a calm lake. Since this trip was up the inside passage, we usually had land of some sort close enough to our balcony to clearly see. Juneau was just so beautiful !! The numerous waterfalls that cascade down the side of the mountains there were stunning. In Skagway, we got to pan for gold and visit the "red light" district. In Ketchikan, we ventured out on a speedboat to look for wildlife. We also visited Victoria, British Columbia.... our first time in Canada. We were a little mad at ourselves for not bringing our passports off the ship because we could have gotten a stamp in them !! In Victoria, we had a personal tour of the city in a 1926 Model "T" Ford... what fun !!
Do you have a favorite scrapbook layout (of the moment) ?? This is my favorite right now. It just all came together... I love when that happens !!
I love my husband !! I truly am a pain in the behind and he still loves me. What a lucky girl I am !! This is us at the Air Supply concert. :)
So as I sit here at my computer each night.... blissful in the knowledge that everyone else is asleep or at least pretending to be.... the scrapbooking ideas race through my mind. I suppose I should keep some sort of a notebook or something with the ideas. I do know, however, that if I did that, I would never look at the notebook. I get these ideas or inspirations that hit me like a ton of bricks and I MUST apply them to paper immediately or at least, as soon as possible !! Speaking of inspiration.... off to my scrap area !! :)