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Showing posts from April 13, 2008

Lucky Day !!

Awhile back, I was notified by that I had won a drawing on their blog for a t-shirt. Well, today it came in the mail. Yay ! They sent me a lovely t-shirt in my favorite shade of pink. They offer a full line of scrapbooking themed products including t-shirts, sweatshirts, maternity and baby items, mugs and tote bags. What a wonderful way to show everyone how much you love this hobby ! You can also check out their blog . They often do contests and giveaways and I can wholeheartedly recommend their product. It's almost Friday ! ~Wendy

And then there were aliens...

This is fun for me. My first treasury ! A few of the sellers at Etsy are doing a "one a day challenge" and I decided to participate. One of my fellow challengers... challengees?...challenge participants.. put together a treasury and my new little ribbon aliens are there. It's a proud moment for me *sniffle*. Hehe. Oh, and please take a moment to participate in the new poll I have on the right side ! xoxoxoxox ~Wendy

OH NO Mother's Day is coming !

So Mother's Day is almost here. I say this with a certain tenseness in my voice. Not because I have a very bad no good mom (haha), I have a great mom really. It's because I have NO idea what to get her anymore. I think she probably has everything and I can't even figure out what she likes anymore. I've given her so much jewelry, body products, clothing, books, altered scrapbooking gifts, gift albums, home decor, gardening knick knacks, etc. etc. that I am left blank. One year my kids and I popped over early in the morning on Mother's Day and delivered a basket of fresh bagels, cream cheese, jams and juices and she always says that was her favorite gift. However, I now live 45 minutes away from her and it's not that easy to just jet over anymore. So with all this in mind I went on an internet search and came up with these unique, if not totally hilarious, options.... From comes these interesting gift ideas: Ok, she might be offended by the

Scrapbook Review: Westcott Blooms Laser Ruler

I first saw this ruler advertised in a scrapbook mag and have been very excited to try it out ever since. I'm always drawing pencil lines on layouts to keep things straight... especially when gluing down titles. This laser ruler seemed just the thing to make my scrapping simpler. I ordered it from my favorite online scrapping site and today I received it in the mail. I paid around $17 for it. I was immediately and sadly, disappointed. It feels much like a cheap plastic ruler you'd purchase from the dollar store. The mechanism that contains the laser is also very cheaply made. You can adjust the laser to different angles and the little dial has a lot of play in it, it just never fully snaps into place to hold the laser line perfectly straight. The ruler itself also doesn't lay flat, it sort of wobbles. The pluses are the fun colors. I got the pink and green, absolutely adorable. There are also little rubber feet on the underside of the ruler to keep it from

UGH !!!

UPDATE: It seems my plugboard was the cause. I had to delete it. Unfortunately I'm not all that great with the coding stuff and so I deleted a few of my widgets also until I could figure out the cause. Sooooo... I have to start over with a new counter since many suggested that it was probably the cause (however, it wasn't). If you had plugged into my plugboard, I do apologize and I will try to get a new one up and running soon. I seem to have somehow picked up an unwanted pop-up ad here on my blog. I did not add it so I am going to have to track down where the code is. In the meantime, I do apologize for the inconvenience to my readers !

Dabbling in Kanzashi...

The art of Japanese kanzashi has always fascinated me. The elaborate hair ornaments are so beautiful and exotic. I had been wanting to attempt creating a flower in this style, but I much prefer paper as my medium. To make a long story short... using THIS TUTORIAL , paper and tacky craft glue instead of rice paste I made a paper kanzashi flower ! I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with this large paper flower but it was fun to learn a new technique ! And I might mention... wahhooooo it was quite a lovely, warm day here ! I think maybe spring has finally set in. The mountains are still snowy but it was a wonderful 70 degrees this afternoon down in the valley. I snapped some photos from the front yard of the clear blue sky: xoxoxoxox ~Wendy