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Crafting Party Sponsored by BIC-Mark It

  I recently had the opportunity to host a crafting party through The Hosties and sponsored by BIC Mark-It.  In the mail we received a box full of BIC Mark-It markers, both a package of 36 assortment and 2 large bags of Fandango Pink and Playful Purple.  How fun!!  The package of 36 markers is designed with purpose in mind.  It opens like a tri-fold and lays flat.  I was totally expecting to just open the package and have the markers spill out all over.  Kudos to BIC for the package design! Since we are highly involved in 4-H and the community, we decided to make cards for servicemen and women and perhaps a local retirement home as a service project.  The BIC markers worked perfectly for the cards.  I would definitely recommend them.   Everyone joked that this card my daughter made is Santa with a trash bag... instead of Ho Ho Ho, he says Hefty Hefty Hefty!!  :D  I think it's adorable!! All in all we got several cards done and managed to make some Christmas gift tags as well!  I

Get a Free $25 Amazon Gift Card !! is having a "Spread the Word" Giveaway. We can all get a free $25 Amazon gift card just for signing up and having our friends sign up too. All you need is for 15 friends to sign up from your personalized link by 12/15. It just takes a minute to sign up! Go HERE and sign up for . Absolutely NO purchase necessary!! ***Be sure to confirm the email that they send. :) is a FREE online forum to share great gift ideas, search for unique gift ideas and participate in gift contests.

4x8 Holiday Photo Cards *SUPER* Deal

If you're anything like me, you haven't gotten around to thinking about Christmas/Holiday cards yet. However, this is a great deal and got me thinking!! Right now at you can get 24 4x8 photo cards for only $2.49 shipped!! Yeehaw!! 1. Go to SeeHere and create a new account . 2. Next, make a single 4x8 flat one-sided photo card and save it. 3. Order exactly 24 prints. 4. Go to checkout and enter code 25cards . You will only be charged $2.49 for shipping. 5. When your cards arrive, mail to family and friends and enjoy the compliments! :D

30% Off Old Navy Coupon

Old Navy has a *SUPER* printable coupon valid until 12/4 for 30% off one item (excluding performance fleece). Go HERE to print your coupon!

Kohl's Deals !!

There are some really awesome deals that you can get a right now. I see great deals in baby clothing, shoes, toys and more! Be sure to use the Stackable 20% off Kohl's coupon code EXTRA20 and Free Shipping coupon code CONTACTFR. Seriously, they have some baby clothing on clearance for $2.00 which = $1.60 shipped with the discounts!! Links: Sale Toys Baby/Infant Clothing Clearance Shoes/Boots Fleece Throws Women's Long Sleeve Tee $3.20 !!

Top 100 Free eBooks

Do you have a Kindle, Blackberry, Android, iPad or other eReader device and/or app? If so, check out this list of the top 100 free eBooks at Amazon . There are classics, holidays books, mysteries, horror, something for anything you're in the mood to read. I'm sold, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is on the free list !! Happy reading. :)

Origins Fan?

If so, they have a *HOT* promotion going on today. Get $10 off a $25 purchase with code MONDAY at checkout. Plus, you get free standard shipping!

Chili's Coupons

Chili's Restaurant is offering a new coupon every day through 12/24. Today's coupon is for free chips and queso. If you're planning a night out, you may want to check it out!

More Free Christmas Music, yay!!

Today on you can download The Christmas Gig, a 13 song album of new songs for Christmas. The bands range from Indie Rock to R&B - something for everyone! Link to the download page .

15% Off Walgreens Purchase on Wednesday

This week, on Wednesday 12/1, you can print a coupon pass to get 15% your entire qualifying purchase! (*20% off select Walgreens brand products.) To print your Friends & Family discount pass, click HERE .

"Silent Night" from Sixpence None the Richer

Today's FREE Christmas song from Amazon is Silent Night. Go HERE to download now!

Daily Deal Sites, Score a Deal !!!

Are you familiar with the Daily Deal Sites ? They offer a deal every day often both locally and nationwide. You may have heard of Groupon, Screamin' Daily Deals, Living Social Deals, etc. Often these sites offer a credit just for signing up. I recommend that you sign up even if you don't purchase anything right away -- that way you can get your account credit. We recently got a $20 gift certificate to Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor for $5!! Talk about a cheap family night event. A brand new site is Gaggle of Chicks and they are offering a $10 account credit for signing up. Go HERE and make an account (you will need to confirm the email they send). You can wait to use your credit until you see something that you would want and use!! I personally have gotten some free items using just the account credit at daily deals sites. Sweet!

$2 Febreze Laundry Coupon!! (and more)

Get over $10 worth of coupons in the mail, just sign up at Febreze HERE . I just love clean smelling laundry!!

A Passing...

Friday night my mother's oldest brother passed away in his sleep. This photo shows my mom and her brothers from an earlier time. Isn't it funny how time passes in a family and as people grow, they either stay connected or grow disconnected. I was never close with my uncle but I absolutely adored spending time with his children, my cousins, and my aunt, when I was growing up. Frankly, he scared me. I was afraid of his gruff manner and short temper. I was certainly never connected to the chuckling man with wavy blonde hair who was my uncle. However, when one passes it makes you think. Who was that person, really ? Were they sad at times, happy with memories, bitter with pain? Was it hard for them to let people into their life? Are they in a better place now, free from whatever inner demons plagued them? I pray that his mother, my beautiful 93-year old grandmother has comfort and those who loved this man, that I never connected with, feel peace. And although I ca