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Who Doesn't Love Stickers

I remember in the 80's when stickers became all the rage.  Little heart stickers in all colors, rainbow stickers, even stickers with your name were collected and put into little sticker albums.  They were just so fun!  Who would've thought back then that today you could order totally Customized Stickers with your image, photo or whatever you want for just pennies apiece.  Wow, we would have gone nuts for that! Today, you can even order your stickers online for the ultimate in ease and convenience. is a full-service website where you can design and order bumper stickers, decals, labels, window stickers and more.  The prices are incredibly reasonable too.  We received some samples to review and were impressed with the quality of the printing as well as the materials used. If you own an Etsy shop and need to label your scrumptious products or you have children and want to label their belongings, Customized Stickers are the way to go.  The stickers w

Technical Difficulty!

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Summer Camping Trip #3

If you're following along with the summer camping posts, this is trip #3.  And guess what?  Yes, it rained this time too.  Three times camping, three times it rains.  At least we didn't get eaten to death by bugs like trip #1 !!  We still have marks from those bug bites, unbelievable. We give trip #3 a half thumbs up, half thumbs down. This camping trip was just the two of us, me and the hubby, with no kids or family involved.  We went to some family property in the mountains which is lovely scenery and very quiet unlike a public campground.  Absolutely no risk of loud drunken neighbors.  My husband was like a little kid riding around on a motorcycle (also not ours, but fun nonetheless).  It was bad because it rained and everything was just so muddy.  Will this wet year ever, ever go away?  The second night it was 45 degrees.... brrrrrr. We sort of felt like caged rats that couldn't go anywhere because if you tried to walk, the mud just caked your shoes and crept up yo

July 4th Backyard Campout (Camp Trip #2)

The ever clever Dave Barry said " It always rains on tents.  Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent."  Oh, ain't that the truth! This past Independence Day, we camped in the backyard.  With the family.  And the rain.  And the wind. But we still had fun!  Technically, this would be our summer camping trip #2.  This one gets a big thumbs up. Paper bag luminaries:  Grab some cheap paper lunch bags and various craft supplies like markers, punches and scissors.  Cut, glue, draw, etc. to your liking!  Add 2" of play sand in the bottom of the bag and top with a tea light candle.  Light and enjoy!   All of our tents were set up around the fire pit. We made paper bag luminaries, t-shirt necklaces and camp signs to hang on our tents.  We did most of our fireworks on the 3rd, however, because we knew that it was going to rain, rain, rain on the evening of the 4th. And rain it did.  That didn't stop most