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My 16 Year Old Got a Tattoo

...well, not really. We were watching NY Ink yesterday and my daughter asked me to give her a tattoo so I did. This is 100% freehand sharpies, no needles, pain or discomfort involved. And before someone says sharpies are not safe on skin, I've seen no evidence to that fact. I've never been able to commit to real tattoos even though I think they're cool. Just can't imagine having an accessory that I could never ever change! Do you have a tattoo?  

Free Freschetta Pizza!

Freschetta is some pretty dang good stuff to have stashed in your freezer... at 1 am.... when your teenagers are complaining of hunger.... and then you get to steal a piece or two!  Bonus! There is just no comparison between Freschetta and  those shriveled up little things they pass off as pizza in the freezer aisle.  We're talkin' real dough, real cheese and real toppings. Have you tried Freschetta's new Pizza by the Slice?  What a great idea and if a gourmet frozen pizza you can cook yourself wasn't convenient enough, hello Pizza by the Slice!  Next month for one day only Freschetta will be giving away ( yes, literally giving away ) free Pizza by the Slice in increments of 5,000 every half hour at a special online event.  Yummy! Here is a little info straight from Freschetta: On Thursday July 28 th , 2011 the website  will be available for people to sign up for a reminder email and view a preview of the events to come with host Mike Ryla

Anemia Watch

So here's an update on my health.   Me +1, Pernicious Anemia 0!!      Since my last post on this subject , I have gone to a new doctor who recognized the seriousness of the B12 deficiency and put me on a weekly shot routine which has now switched to every two weeks.  I really think I am starting to feel a bit better.  The overwhelming and devastating fatigue seems to have gone which is wonderful.  I'm now just facing tiredness, weakness and little energy.  To those that don't understand the fatigue, there is just no way to explain it.  You feel like the walking dead, kind of like a zombie with a half-functioning brain and without the cravings to eat people.  Ha! In order to avoid the hour plus drive to the new doctor, I also got a prescription so that I can do my own shots.  Let me tell you.... scary!!  The needle isn't like the short needle used for giving insulin, it's a long one because it needs to go into the muscle.  It was a bit of a stressful week before

Flash Giveaway!! Ends Tomorrow!!

This giveaway post is now CLOSED.  Congrats to our winner Sarah #32!!  We're feeling a little frisky at Artsy Chaos today. To celebrate, we're giving away a one-year magazine subscription to the winner's choice of the following: All you need to do to enter is join us with Google Friend Connect and leave a comment saying that you have done so, that's it! If you'd like extra entries, you can earn up to 2 extra by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter . Be sure to leave comments for each entry. Good luck!!  You have until Monday, July 18th at 11:59 MST to enter so hurry!! Be sure to leave your email or have it in your blogger profile so we can find you if you win.  All entries are verified.  Open to the US only, 18+.  Winner will be selected by a true random generator.  Winner must respond to winning email in 48  hours or a new winner will be selected.  This giveaway is in no wa