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Showing posts from January 2, 2011

Masquerade Masks

Tonight is my daughter's very first high school date dance. She has the new dress, new shoes, new jewelry and a fancy hairdo. She even wore make-up!! She never wears make-up. The dance theme is a masquerade ball, requiring masks. When she told me that lots of the other kids were just printing off masks from the internet to use, I said we can do better. Here is where my crafty-I-must-win-the-competition (like there is a competition lol) instincts kick in. Off we went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some inexpensive plain black plastic masks, dowels to use as holders and a bag of feathers. I then dug out jewels, ribbon, glitter, sequins, etc. from my scrapbooking and craft stash. These were actually pretty fun to make! The dowels got wrapped with ribbon, the masks were adorned with feathers, ribbons, feathers and lots of shiny bling and I tied some hanging ribbons onto the finished dowel for fun. I just used Aleene's Tacky Glue to attach everything. Love that stuff.

Glee Calendar Winner!

And says the winner is... Ellen Lapaglia, congrats!! Check your email!! Thank you so much everyone for participating and be sure to enter my giveaway ending 1/31.

Jamba Juice Coupons

My kids love this stuff and every time we go there the tiny store is packed with teens and college kids! I don't get it! Maybe I'm just old and need my caffeine. :) Jamba Juice has 3 new coupons good starting 1/10 through 1/19. Click HERE to go to the Jamba Juice homepage, then click on the "click for a special offer" sign to download the printable coupons.

FREE Full Size Aveeno Lotion *AWESOME*

Be sure to check this Sunday's paper (1/09) for an offer for a free full sized Aveeno lotion. You can see the announcement from Aveeno HERE .

2011 Fee Free National Parks Days

The US National Park Service has released its fee-free days for 2011. Mark your calendars for a great free day of hiking, picnicking or just enjoying the scenery! January 15-17 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday weekend) April 16-24 (National Park Week) June 21 (First day of summer) September 24 (Public Lands Day) November 11-13 (Veterans Day weekend) The National Park Service's partners also offer some special deals to visitors. Curry Village in Yosemite National Park offers rates based on the previous night's low temperature from 1/07-3/19/11. So the lower the temp, the better the rate! Go HERE to check out this and other travel deals.

Fantastic Modern Rugs from and a $25 Giveaway

NOW CLOSED, thanks for entering!! Winter has arrived with a vengeance here! Along with the snow and cold outside are the wonderful things that get tracked indoors. Can you hear the sarcasm? I can nearly hear my poor floors screaming every time my husband drags in ice melt pellets, wet snow and mud. We have tile floors, wood laminate floors and also carpeting. Each one of my flooring types have rugs to help protect them... and as a bonus, rugs are just plain fun! We jokingly call the big 8x5 rug in the living room the "messy mat" because it catches all my husband's crumbs. Now is a great time to invest in new and modern rugs from AllM (part of the CSN Stores network) as it's an inexpensive way to change the entire feel of your home. What better time to change the look in your home than the dreary wintertime! It's like a mood pick-up for your home and family. I could really use some new runners and this one is beautiful: However, I like

Photo Printing Deals

Looking for a good deal on photo printing? Take lots of photos over the holidays that you need to get printed? Here are some great options! * - 20 free 4x6 prints. * - new customers get 50 4x6 prints free OR use code 2011PENNY to get 99 prints for 99 cents. * - new customers get 50 free 4x6 prints, plus you can pick up locally at Walgreens, Target, CVS. * - 1200 free prints. * - new members use code MYFIRSTORDER for free shipping. * - new customers get 50 4x6 prints free with code 50FREE. Expiration dates and shipping rates, etc., vary by site. Be sure to read all the terms when ordering.