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Showing posts from April 20, 2008

What a Day... and/or DAYS !!

First off, I am so excited to have been nominated for a blogger award. I think I've seen blog awards... from a distance...I've certainly never had one of my own ! How fun !! My scrapbooking friend, Alecia from the MB at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking has nominated me for a Arte y Pico award. This award celebrates creativity, design, interesting materials and contributions to the blogging community, no matter the language. Thank you Alecia !! I am nominating Desi (Juicy Creations) , Lia (Omg! Lia?) , Kristin (Goldstar Designs) , Xue (Xue Originals) who already has an award but her creativity is amazing and worth another !, and Ellen (Down the Street Creations) ... all truly amazing artists and so unique in their own ways. Second, in my busy life-of-late (LOL) my daughter is running for student council at her school. Anyone who has had a child run for school office understands the posters, flyers, promos, speeches, handouts, etc. that must be done. She had to make a vid

Meaningful Blog Fodder

I'm a blog reader. I love the differences, the themes, the colors, the styles and the people. Opening a blog is like being given a backstage pass to someone's private space... their home, their studio, their work and their life. Each post is unique. Some you savor, some you read quickly but every single one leaves an impression. Whether you learn a new technique, get a history lesson, find a fabulous recipe you must try or stumble on a heart wrenching story each blog article I find intriguing. I'm humbled as I "travel" around the world through this medium of blogging and discover incredibly talented and wonderful people. So, as a thank you to everyone who blogs and to my own readers here, I would like to give a set of my ribbon owl tags away. Just leave me a comment and next Sunday, April 27th, I will put the names into a random drawing and pick one winner. :) xoxoxoxox Happy Blogging !! ~Wendy

National Scrapbook Day Crop

It's almost that time of year again.... National Scrapbook Day ! I always try, try, try to get to the sales and I never seem to make it. This year, I think I'll attend the crop at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking . Lauri is always generous with her prizes and throws an awesome crop. No one is ever sorry after attending a crop at Scrap Attack ! There is a sneak peek of some of the prizes over at the message board, including Shimmer Shapes, stamps, some great patterned paper collections and this amazing bag !!! So save the date and head on over for a blast !