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OH NO Mother's Day is coming !

So Mother's Day is almost here. I say this with a certain tenseness in my voice. Not because I have a very bad no good mom (haha), I have a great mom really. It's because I have NO idea what to get her anymore. I think she probably has everything and I can't even figure out what she likes anymore. I've given her so much jewelry, body products, clothing, books, altered scrapbooking gifts, gift albums, home decor, gardening knick knacks, etc. etc. that I am left blank. One year my kids and I popped over early in the morning on Mother's Day and delivered a basket of fresh bagels, cream cheese, jams and juices and she always says that was her favorite gift. However, I now live 45 minutes away from her and it's not that easy to just jet over anymore. So with all this in mind I went on an internet search and came up with these unique, if not totally hilarious, options....

From comes these interesting gift ideas:
Ok, she might be offended by the racing grannies. ;)

From we have a fun and educational (?) gift that will keep mom hip and funky cool:

The last silly gift idea comes from - duct tape roses. Hmmmm I wonder if someone on Etsy makes these !? They are actually kind of cool !

And finally, no post on humor and mothers would be complete with the incredibly funny "you're grounded until you're 36" video. I laugh hysterically every time I watch it.



Melissa Aubrey said…
So funny! I like the flash cards!
Kim Bagwill said…
I have the same problem with my mother, and my kids never know what to get me either - I think it's a mom thing. Love the faucet light!
Kristin said…
Hi! Just wanted to let you know you were one of the winners of my SPRING GIVEWAY!! You also got picked to be featured on my blog. Please email me at, so I know where to send the necklace.

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