Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tiny Collection

Tiny little things fascinate me.  Bits of broken jewelry, gumball machine prizes, and tiny toys like a Barbie doll's lost shoe make me happy.  

I'm constantly trying to take over my kids' small little toys.  My daughter has a little tiny ninja but she has yet to give it up.  One day, oh yes, it will be mine.

What it is that propels me to collect these tiny bits and baubles I have no idea.  Perhaps it's a way to hold onto a bunch of stuff in a little bit of space.  Perhaps they're just cute and adorable and I can't resist.  Or perhaps it's a way for me to hold onto not only bits of my childhood but my children's as well.  My youngest child is 14; well beyond the cute little toddler stage... well beyond many childhood things.  I remember when my oldest was the only child I had at the time and we would play together with tiny legos and tiny little cars.  They are happy memories.  So many these tiny little things are like memories in cute little packages.

Do you collect things?  What propels you to collect these things?  One day I hope to use some of my tiny little collected things in jewelry or some art.  Do you have plans for your collections?