Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mozart for Babies... FREE!

We're firm believers that music helps little ones develop.  Here's a freebie of TWO albums for your little ones from Munchkin.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Germs Be Gone!!

Prefense Review and Giveaway!

Let's say you and the kids are having a fun day at the local park and the sink in the "restroom" is broken.  Or perhaps you've decided to go on a picnic up the canyon and everyone needs to "wash up" before eating.  What do you do?  Pre-fenz to the rescue!!  Prefense is a 100% alcohol free hand sanitizer that protects through 10 hand washings or for 24 hours.  Easy to carry, easy to use, for superior protection.

We got to try Prefense and I must say overall, it got mixed reviews from the family.  We actually tried it while in the hospital waiting room as my mother was having open heart surgery for 10 hours.  What better place to rid yourself of germs than the hospital!

*I like that it is alcohol free and since it's water based it is non-flammable.  I didn't find much of a scent and it did not bother my sensitive skin.  I also like that it dispenses as a foam.  Since we were sent the travel size to review, I found that it is the perfect size to just throw into my purse.

*My sister disliked the product because it bothered her sensitive skin.  She also thought it smelled weird. (See photo below.)  She did, however, like that it is a foam because she had an unfortunate liquid hand sanitizer incident where it leaked and she dripped it all over everywhere.

*My brother-in-law liked Prefense and the fact that it protects for 24 hours.  He also liked that you can visit for more information.

*My daughter is somewhat of a germaphobe and enjoyed the fact that it kills microorganisms including staph, strep, E.coli, and drug resistant MRSA strains.  She also liked that it comes out as a fun foam.

*My step-father, like my sister, found that Prefense bothered his skin and therefore, gave it a thumbs down.

*My daughter-in-law also tried Prefense and liked the hand sanitizer and stated that it was much better than one from a major bath and body store.

As with any product if you have sensitive skin, there is a risk involved.  You never know if you'll react to something good or bad and my family knows this from experience.  Overall, we recommend Prefense for its outstanding and long-lasting germ fighting capabilities.  Plus, did I mention that the 1.5 oz size offers 120 applications, costing only $.08 per day.  Now that's a bargain!!

The giveaway portion of this post is now CLOSED.  Thanks to everyone who entered!!  Our lucky chosen winner is Dana West, congrats!!

The lovely people at Prefense are offering one lucky Artsy Chaos reader their own personal 8oz size Prefense which offers 640 applications!  How generous!

Just follow these rules to enter the giveaway.  Be sure to leave your email in your comments if it isn't in your profile so we can find you if you win.  Thanks!

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