Monday, August 04, 2008

Hooray for the high mountains !!

Provo River Waterfall in the High Uinta Mountains.

I do love my mountains. Cherish them, adore them. This past weekend we had the opportunity to stay with family in cabins in the High Uintas near the Utah/Wyoming border. It's been many years since I have been in this gorgeous area of the Wasatch/Cache National Forest. Words cannot describe how happy I was to see some of the sites from my childhood, exact locations that I have had burned into my was like seeing an old friend. The first thing my husband did when we arrived at the cabins was disappear. He came back with a handful of wild strawberries for me. I had told him that one of my fondest childhood memories was walking around lakes and the mountainside looking for wild strawberries with my dad. Boy, that brought a big smile to my face !!

The Uinta Mountains are dotted with many, many little lakes enclosed in densely forested areas covered with lodgepole pines and aspen trees. A lot of the lakes also have lily pads floating peacefully on them. There are also creeks and rivers, clearings with marshes and covered with wildflowers, and lots of wildlife viewing. Moose and deer are the main sitings. Well, not including the squirrels and chipmunks !! It's also fun to see the patches of snow high up on the mountain peaks because it never melts. We traveled along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway which is only open from May-mid October. The road goes from Kamas, Utah (near Park City) to Evanston, Wyoming. In my mind, I am already planning a return trip very soon !!

My daughter at Mirror Lake.

My son fishing at Mirror Lake. He caught a lot of moss !

My mom and her husband at Whitney Reservoir where we were attacked by huge horse/deer flies.

My husband at Bald Mountain Pass. Elevation 10,687 feet.

The Provo River cutting through the Uinta Mountains.