Saturday, November 12, 2011

Paper That Grows!!

Have you ever heard of plantable paper? The concept is amazing and lends a true sense of style to cards, tags, and other paper products. With cards made from plantable paper, you can literally plant them and they will grow. Green Field Paper Company has been creating eco-friendly papers since 1992 including junk mail paper, hemp paper, and seeded paper. 

We were thrilled to be contacted and given the opportunity to try some plantable cards and tags. They have just expanded their papers to include chia seeds. And since you can plant the card after its use is over, it doesn't have to go to a landfill, it can grow in the ground instead! I have decided that a gift basket full of gardening supplies and topped off with these adorable gift tags is perfect. The quality, ink, and texture of these cards and tags is really nice and so much more in person than in photos!

Here are some more points about Green Field Paper:

  • The papers are crafted one sheet at a time.
  • They offset 100% of their company-wide electricity use by purchasing wind energy credits.
  • Even the water used to make the 100% recycled paper is reclaimed and used in the next batch.
  • They sell their papers in bulk.
  • Customized paper is available.
  • Seeded papers have a 3-year shelf life.
I also want to tell you that the designs on the 2011 Holiday Collection are some of the cutest I have seen. They're whimsical yet very classy and perfect for all kinds of style tastes. They can be purchased online at Green Field Paper or at many fine retailers in the US, Canada and worldwide.

We are also thrilled to let you know that Green Field Paper is one of our wonderful sponsors for the Home for the Holidays Giveaway Blog Hop starting Monday, November 14th! 

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Boring Cash No More!!

Ahhhh! I just learned how to turn money into a really cool work of art!! Seriously, this is really cute and fun too. Foldin' Money can help you turn plain old cash into a really fun crafty gift! It's kind of like paper crafts with a real monetary value. Ha!

Foldin' Money has design kits to help you make the perfect gift for anyone on your list this year. Both US and Canadian currency directions are included in these design kits. For review, we received the "red" kit which has templates and step-by-step directions for a cake, tree, heart, and tie. We found the instructions to be very, very easy to follow. Ladies, I think even your husbands could fold money into the perfect gift! Did that sound rude? Sorry Fellas!

What we found really fun was the endless ways that you could possibly use the Foldin' Money designs. I thought it would be really fun to put one of those little strands of battery operated lights onto the folded money tree! What a fun gift idea and you could put the money tree onto the real tree for Christmas morning! Both my mom and grandmother give cash gifts for Christmas and what a fun thing for all the grandkids to come over to a mini-money tree all lit up on the big tree! You could also decorate with stickers, ribbons, gems, buttons, decorative papers; really your imagination is the only limit.

We're excited that Foldin' Money will be sponsoring the Home for the Holidays Giveaway which begins Monday, November 14th! One lucky reader will receive the same kit that we reviewed! Be sure to stop by.

We received a sample of the above reviewed product to facilitate this article. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are those of the editors and owners of Artsy Chaos. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Home for the Holidays Giveaway Event starts Monday!! #HHEvent

It's almost here!! The Home for the Holidays Giveaway Blog Hop starts Monday, November 14th! Over 30 blogs bringing you some great giveaways just in time for the holidays.

Our sponsors here at Artsy Chaos include:

  • PhotoArtPeople - Please read our review of this amazing company that turns your photos in a real work of art on canvas. They are also offering all Artsy Chaos readers an exclusive 30% off one canvas discount! Use code WRedfe30. Be sure to order by December 1st for Christmas delivery!
  • AquaNotes - Doodle, leave notes, write your Christmas shopping list... all in the shower! Check out our review for all the details on this fun product.
  • Foldin' Money - Lets you turn your cash gift into a work of art!
  • Green Field Paper Company - Plantable gift cards and tags, perfect for assembling gift baskets for the holidays.
  • Lovable Labels - Providing adorable holiday labels and gift seals.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Write Your Thoughts in the Shower? YES you can!!

Most moms would agree that there is one place in the home where you can disappear (well, mostly) without being hounded to death. Yep, the bathroom. Although I do remember little toes peeking from under the door and "are you done yet"? coming from my kids when they were little. I finally had to tell them hey - unless there is a fire or someone is bleeding, if the bathroom door is shut you can wait! So for many moms, relaxing in a hot shower or bubble bath is a true luxury and maybe even when we get our best thinking done. But what do you do if you suddenly have an idea for new pillows or things you need to put on your shopping list for the holidays? AquaNotes is a notepad that you can use near the water because the paper is waterproof! What a neat idea!

AquaNotes in action! In my tub!

The cute little pad is held in place in your shower, tub, or by the sink with little suction cups and has 40 3.5" x 5.25" sheets to get your thoughts down. It also comes with a pencil which is held in place also by a suction cup so that you'll have "no more great ideas down the drain!" Another neat thing is that AquaNotes products are recyclable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. They're also great for putting on your boat and for people who work outside in the weather, really anywhere where regular paper would get soggy and ruined. I'm even thinking for notes inside lunchboxes where there can be moisture and condensation and regular paper gets soggy.

Check out AquaNotes because they are one of our amazing sponsors for the Home for the Holidays Giveaway Blog Hop! Next week you will get the chance to win one of your very own AquaNotes! Of course, if you can't wait you can always order one from AquaNotes directly!

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