Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Mustache and A Campaign

Currently, my daughter serves on the Student Council at her High School.  She loves it and wants to do it all again next year.  While I'm all for it, I am kind of stale when it comes to thinking of creative ideas for a campaign.  Really, how many times can you hear "pick a winner" "time for change" "make the school a better place" and "just do it"?

So as I was about to fall asleep one night I thought.... mustaches.  They're all the rage right now so why not.  I shared the idea with my daughter and she was sold.  She's always "outside the box" a little bit anyway. *grin*  We've made wanted posters, mustaches on a stick and mustache necklaces.  Tonight we raided the dollar store for t-shirts and spray painted mustaches on them.  Tomorrow is voting day so she'll pass out the t-shirts in the morning... hoping for some extra marketing!

I'm so glad that my children are involved in so many things and have so many opportunities in life.  I just wish I were a little more clever in thinking of catchy ideas to help them!

Wish her luck!!


Nikki said...

Love it! Way more creative than "vote for so and so." I'm never good at coming up with creative ideas.

mymy said...

super idea!
lots of luck!

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O. said...

such a cute idea