Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best Price Nutrition Review Part DEUX

Earlier this week I reviewed WHOLEmega Fish Oil from  I also had the opportunity with my family to review four additional supplements: New Chapter Zyflamend, New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care, Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex and Gaspari Nutrition RX-6.

Hopefully my experiences will help those of you who have hesitated with using supplements or wondered about benefits and possible side effects, like me.  Please, always consult with your personal medical professional before starting any new supplemental regimen and remember that everyone is different and may react differently than my experiences.

New Chapter Zyflamend
Zyflamend is supposed to help with inflammation and joint pain.  I was curious to see if this would have any effect on my husband's problems with his back.  Honestly, we didn't notice any difference on our joints but this could very well be because we simply don't have the problems that would be helped by Zyflamend.   Happily, we didn't experience any troublesome side effects at all and that's great!  Please use these links to learn more about Zyflamend:

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care

This is a calcium supplement to help strengthen bones and also contains other nutrient to help the calcium be better absorbed by the body.  We have been taking this with no side effects and it seems to be very easy on the digestive system.  Definitely a bonus there!  Bone Strength Take Care is made from whole food plant sources which in my mind results in a safe supplement.  To learn more, please use the links here:

Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex
Spirodex is a supplement marketed to improve mental clarity, enhance mood and give you energy with no side effects.  Indeed, it does seem to do just this.  My husband played guinea pig on this one and was quite happy with the results.  He did feel more energized and in a better mood.  He didn't experience any jittery or shaky side effects which sometimes does happen with this type of supplement.  It does also seem to suppress appetite which can be a happy thing for some people but my husband is already very thin and doesn't really need his appetite suppressed!  :)  All in all, we would recommend this if you're looking for an overall "boost" to your energy level and moods.  If you'd like to learn more about Spirodex, please visit the links below:

Gaspari Nutrition RX-6
RX-6 is marketed as an extremely powerful stimulant fat burner.  And wow, I would definitely say that stimulant is correct.  RX-6 has a lot of caffeine in it resulting in, for us, a lot of buzzing around!  I would not recommend this supplement if you dislike the "jitters" as this is exactly what we experienced.  However, if you're looking for a big, big boost to energy this could be the supplement for you.  Does anyone remember "Caffeine Man" from Mad TV?  Well....  :)  If you're curious and would like to learn more, click here:

Big thanks to for giving us samples to try.  This did, however, in no way affect my (our) opinions of the products and have given an honest review.