Thursday, September 01, 2011

Young Love by Mat Kearney #Review

Today marks the first of September and the launch of Endless Summer Month  here at Artsy Chaos!

"Singing oh oh, won't you help me sing this song........Singing hey mama, don't want no drama, just a kiss before I leave".... come on everyone, sing with me!  What better way to continue the summer than with the bright and sunny music of Mat Kearney.

Mat Kearney is just relaxed.  When you listen to his music, you can't help but be relaxed too.  His album, Young Love, is the kind of thing you'd find yourself listening to while slowing browsing a cute vintage antique shop early on a Saturday morning.  Or maybe biking over to the local juice bar wearing your newest pair of high top Converse sneakers.  Mat is also hitting the road in September playing nearly 40 shows in US & Canada.  Sadly, he is not coming to Salt Lake or the West but those of you in the Midwest and East should have a show close to you.

Young Love Tracklisting  
1 Hey Mama
2 Ships In The Night
3 Count On Me

4 Sooner Or Later

5 Chasing The Light

6 Learning To Love Again

7 Down

8 She Got The Honey

9 Young Dumb And In Love

10 Rochester
11 Seventeen

When we were offered the chance to listen to Mat Kearney's newest album, though, I was a little unfamiliar with the name. Shhh... don't tell anyone I'm not hip.  My 16 year old daughter, however, was the cool opposite.  When I mentioned it to her she remarked 'oh, yea, of course I know him, he's awesome' in her I'm-so-hip-because-I-am-always-on-YouTube-and-know-everything-voice.  Of course.  But she was right, Mat Kearney is cool. Maybe I should steal her Converse and go browse for antiques with Young Love in my ear.

FTC Disclosure:  A complimentary copy of Mat Kearney's Young Love album was sent to us to use for this review through our relationship with the One2One Network.  We are not expected to return the album and no monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are ours alone.


Malia @ One2One Network said...

We're happy to hear that you enjoying the album! My 11 year old has claimed it as her own, good thing I have it on my computer, too!

Carolina said...

awesome! had never heard of them before!Hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting a cute giveaway (handmade flower ring+$20 gift certifcate). blessings.