Saturday, September 03, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes with Amazing Frosting! #recipe

Did you know that birthdays are good for you?  Indeed, statistics show that people who have the most, live the longest!

We celebrated a birthday in our family today and every birthday, in my opinion, screams for cake.  So here we are, Red Velvet Cupcakes frosted with the most amazing cream cheese frosting I have made yet and topped with adorable cupcake toppers from Expressions by Devin. <---so cute, check them out!!

You may have noticed that I said the most amazing frosting I have made yet.  That's because it's a quest.  This latest concoction of incredibly smooth, perfectly sweet goodness is the result of trial and error, internet research and luck.  It's not too heavy, not too thick and holds its fluffy shape perfectly.  Want the recipe?  Sure you do!

Fluffy and Smooth Decadent Cream Cheese Frosting

1 8oz. package Cream Cheese at room temperature
1 8oz. container of Mascarpone Cheese at room temperature
1 cup powdered sugar
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream kept cold!
2 teaspoons REAL vanilla extract

Use an electric mixer to blend the cream cheese and mascarpone cheese until smooth and slightly airy.  Add powdered sugar and heavy cream and mix thoroughly.  Add the vanilla.  Continue mixing until the frosting is thick and holds its shape well.  You may need to add extra powdered sugar and/or cream to get the consistency you'd like.

FTC Disclosure:  We have not received any compensation for writing this content and have no material connection to the brands, topics and/or products that are mentioned herein.  The cupcake toppers from Expressions by Devin were won in a giveaway hosted at another blog.


Rachel's Giveaways said...

Yum! That frosting sounds delicious :)