Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mid-Week Peek - It's all about YOU!

Welcome to our new feature, the Mid-Week Peek!  We thought it would be fun to ask a different simple question each week of you.... allowing us a slight peek into each others' lives.  If you're like us, sometimes we think we're way out in left field and odd with how we feel, what we like and don't like, etc. and it's nice to learn that we really aren't that different after all.  Questions will range from the very simple like your favorite color to fun life questions, crafting, art, cooking, family, home, etc., but all light and fun.  So let's get to know YOU through a "peek"!

This week's question:

Are you a first child, middle child, or the baby of the family?

My answer:
I'm an oldest.  I kind of felt like an only child growing up because my only sister is nearly 8 years younger!

Now it's YOUR turn to answer the question.  Leave a comment on this post all about YOU.