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Mother's Day and a Little City

Me, Mom and My Sister a few years ago

I remember one Mother's Day when I was about 2nd or 3rd grade age.  All I wanted to do for my mother was make a city for her to enjoy.  My grandmother took me to the store and we bought poster paper to use as the base of my creation.  For at least a week in my bedroom I worked on cutting, gluing and coloring all the little buildings and streets of this little city.  I kept it safe under my bed until the big day.  I also remember that nothing quite came out the way I had envisioned it but hoped that my mom would love it anyway.

When Mother's Day arrived I gave my mom the little city and to my young brain it seemed that she was confused.  Naturally I went into explaining what the city was and how I had made it for her.  Being that I am a perfectionist, I also explained that it didn't turn out quite as I had expected and hoped she liked it anyway.  She exclaimed that she loved it and gave me a hug.  It was a success!

Now that I am a mom myself, I look at that day from my childhood with different eyes.  Obviously, when presented with that mass of poster paper that more resembled a disaster of cones and tee-pees in some odd form, ala modern art, than it resembled a city, my mom didn't quite know what to say.  I'm sure she was thinking 'no candy?' 'no flowers?' 'no new perfume or jewelry?'.  Especially since she knew that my grandmother had taken me to the store specifically to purchase a gift for Mother's Day.  She was stuck with her daughter's ill attempt at making a paper city and had to look thrilled.  

As mothers, or any parental figure, we're thrust into situations where we can choose to be thrilled even though we may not be.  At the time, the little city I had made as a gift was very important to me.  Looking back now, I realize that little city was a mess to my mother but she knew there was something much more important than the gift itself.  I hope we each take time to remember about the real important things in life this Mother's Day.

By the way, after about a week or so, I never saw that little city again.  I asked my mother about it a few times but never got a satisfactory answer.  My guess is that it went to the special place they reserve in the trash dump for the projects from our childhoods.   

I'd like to mention that I have been featured over at the Trading Cradles blog.  Run over and check out their What Moms Want for Mother's Day post.  Happy Mother's Day!!


Veronica Lee said…
Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!
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