Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fabulous Wreaths of Fabric

Lately I've been seeing a lot of really cute wreaths made with fabric.  No, not just your typical fabric rag wreath either but adorable fun flower wreaths!  It's been starting to warm up here and I've been feeling a little Spring-like even though it's been Spring for awhile now.  And as such, I feel a little crafty!  What do you think?  Yay, nay?  Cute?  Any further ideas for a fun fabric wreath?

Clicking any of the images will take you to the original creator/designer's site.  Are you inspired yet? :)


Honeybee said...

creative fabric! we don't have spring here to make a something spring-theme crafty but nothing wrong to get myself one like this. i'm really inspired to make one. they are cute. thanks for the ideas.
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WynnieBee said...

Definitely got goose bumps when I saw the fabric flower wreath. Have a fabric wreath on my back door that I've been itching to do something with for awhile now-think this is it!

Glad I found your blog on Tara's Weekend Blog Hop, following you now on GFC and Twitter : D

Have a great weekend!