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Mermaids Dream Custom Clutch Purses CONTEST!

Do you have an upcoming wedding or special event?  Then you must; and I mean must; check out Mermaids Dream at Etsy.

I recently had the opportunity to have this amazing, beautiful and so classy silk clutch made for my sister for Christmas.  When the clutch arrived it was very carefully packaged.  I was certainly impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship as well.  The funnest part is the flower.  The flower can be removed from the clutch to wear as a pin, as a hair adornment or embellish another purse.  Beautiful!

Sherry at Mermaids Dream is running a really cool contest right now.  This contest gives anyone who buys a Bridal Package an opportunity to win their purchase price back, to a maximum of $350.00.  WOW!!  All you have to do is upload a video to Mermaid Dream's wall, 1 to 2 minutes long, explaining what it is that you love about your Mermaids Dream clutches and why YOU should be the one to "win your money back".  The contest details can be found at Mermaids Dream's Facebook page. What a great opportunity!

 There are so many colors to choose from!  
Try a little window shopping at Mermaids Dream today, you won't be sorry.


Alicia said…
How cute is the clutch! Wish I had a fancy event to attend so I have a real excuse to buy one, besides the fact that I love it. LOL.
windycindy said…
My friend is getting married this
Spring and I am telling her about
this delightful offer...
Thanks, Cindi

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