Monday, January 31, 2011

My First Penguin Kit Review

Have you been to Educational Toys Planet?  If not, you really should check out their wonderful and unique selection of science and learning activities!

As I have watched my children grow, I've always encouraged learning, reading and exploring.  I've also watched as they scored off the charts on school development and academic tests.  Personally, I think some of the 'boosting' they received as small children had a big hand in their current test scores and excellent grades.  

Recently, we were given the opportunity to review My First Penguin Kit, a fun and educational science and animal activity.

There are several activities included in the kit like seeing how feathers insulate from the cold, thus protecting the penguins in the cold climates where they live.  My daughter could barely hold the non-insulated ice cube for more than 10 seconds whereas the feather insulated one was just 'kinda cold'.

We learned that Emperor Penguins are about 4' tall.  FOUR FEET TALL!!  We laughed about having 4' tall penguins walking around the house and my daughter pretended to carry a baby penguin on her feet.  We also made orange juice penguin fish pops to put into the freezer.

One recommendation I could make is to prepare some of the activities ahead of time.  In one activity, you freeze water in a balloon and in a bag and then compare the ice by texture, etc.  The water could be frozen ahead of time so that the activity could take place then and not hours later.  The same would apply to the egg that comes with the kit as it will take several hours or even a day for the egg to hatch in water.  When my daughter put the egg into water she put in the small figurines that come with the kit.  She said "look Mom, the mommy penguin is wondering how in the world she gave birth to such a big egg!".

The My First Penguin Kit is a great afternoon learning activity.  If you're looking for, or like to have on-hand, an education activity for your children, definitely check out the Science Toys at Educational Toys Planet.  Here's to smart kids and mommies everywhere!

I did receive one kit for review from Educational Toys Planet at no cost to me.  This in no way affected my review and/or opinions.


Buy toys online said...

I know that There are several activities included in the kit, when he saw feathers insulate against the cold, thus protect penguins in cold climates, where they live. we also love the Penguin kit.

Toesthattwinkle! said...

what a great review!

Melissa G. said...

My little boys would love something like this. I would like it too because they would learn something about the world around us.

Jennica and Preston said...

What a great review! My daughter would absolutely love this!! I may have to consider getting it for her.