Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Fashion

I'm straying a bit from my regular blogging to make a few comments on some of the fashions at tonight's SAG awards.  It's just that I read so-called experts and well, often disagree with their opinions!  Maybe I'm not stylish? 

I think this dress that January Jones is wearing is beautiful.  I love the mermaid flair and the gold lace effect on the black.  I could do without the sleeves and the black sheer stuff on top but overall,  I think it's very glamorous.  Yahoo is calling it an "F" and dowdy. 

Twirlit says the following Angie Harmon choice is a 'best dressed' for the night.  Puke!  I love pink but give me a break.  This dress looks like a baby pink bird on steroids sporting a corset.

I do agree, however, with most bloggers about Jane Lynch's purple taffeta, um, dress.  Oh Jane, Jane, we love you but this dress is more suited to a high school dance!  Wait, does she shop at DEB's in the mall?

And lastly, well, who can resist a man all suited up?  Certainly not me.  Colin Firth is just lovely!  Don't you think?


SusieQTpies said...

I totally agree with your opinions on this! I would love to see the January Jones dress on a dark-skin woman. I wonder how it would look!

I love Colin and he looks dashing in everything he wears :0

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