Saturday, September 17, 2011

I could be your Mother! Plus other happenings from the week.

This past week my oldest son turned 23. 23!!! I could say "seems like yesterday when he fill in the blank" but really, it doesn't seem like just yesterday; it seems like forever ago when he was little! I must be incredibly old. Some of you reading this might be the same age as my son which means I could be your mother.  .sigh.  

Having another family birthday meant that I could make more cupcakes. This time it was carrot cake with buttercream cream cheese frosting. I tweeked the recipe just a bit from the one I had made previously in this post. Again, the cupcakes were topped with toppers from Expressions by Devin. My son lurves his Star Wars so the little Yoda, R2D2 and Darth Vadar were perfectly fitting. Did I say he turned 23!?!?

This past week also brought the state fair which is always super fun. Our youngest 2 kids had earned the right at our county fair to have exhibits shown in the state fair and it's always fun to go see what ribbons they might have gotten. Greeting our daughter was a huge "Best in Show" rosette ribbon for her display of micro-macrame. This was her first state fair rosette so she was super excited.

No fair or event is complete without stuffing your face with the incredibly expensive and terribly bad for you food either, and so we stuffed. Some of us had always wanted to try the giant turkey legs which sit smoking and smelling so incredibly wonderful wafting their smoke as you walk around. This was the year that we got one. Have you ever had one of these gigantic mutated things? Kinda gross, really. Tasted way more like ham than turkey and not much "eater-friendly" meat on the huge 5 pounds of grisly greasy bone. Uh, we'll pass next time and use our $10.00 on a footlong corn dog. 


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