Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Camping Trip #3

If you're following along with the summer camping posts, this is trip #3.  And guess what?  Yes, it rained this time too.  Three times camping, three times it rains.  At least we didn't get eaten to death by bugs like trip #1!!  We still have marks from those bug bites, unbelievable.

We give trip #3 a half thumbs up, half thumbs down.

This camping trip was just the two of us, me and the hubby, with no kids or family involved.  We went to some family property in the mountains which is lovely scenery and very quiet unlike a public campground.  Absolutely no risk of loud drunken neighbors.  My husband was like a little kid riding around on a motorcycle (also not ours, but fun nonetheless).  It was bad because it rained and everything was just so muddy.  Will this wet year ever, ever go away?  The second night it was 45 degrees.... brrrrrr.

We sort of felt like caged rats that couldn't go anywhere because if you tried to walk, the mud just caked your shoes and crept up your ankles.  And you couldn't really drive anywhere either because even 4 wheel drive won't save you from sliding down the side of a hill in mud.  Will there be a camping trip #4?  You bet!  Let's hope we can get some sun though.  That would be nice.