Saturday, July 23, 2011

My 16 Year Old Got a Tattoo

...well, not really.

We were watching NY Ink yesterday and my daughter asked me to give her a tattoo so I did. This is 100% freehand sharpies, no needles, pain or discomfort involved. And before someone says sharpies are not safe on skin, I've seen no evidence to that fact.

I've never been able to commit to real tattoos even though I think they're cool. Just can't imagine having an accessory that I could never ever change! Do you have a tattoo?



Rebecca said...

I have 3 tats myself first one not thought out too well and due to that fact having to get covered up with something else that i have now designed myself. My other two were thought out and designed by me and completed by my best mate who is qualified to do them as after the first I don't trust anyone to ink me now except for her.