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Anemia Watch

So here's an update on my health.  

Me +1, Pernicious Anemia 0!!  

Since my last post on this subject, I have gone to a new doctor who recognized the seriousness of the B12 deficiency and put me on a weekly shot routine which has now switched to every two weeks.  I really think I am starting to feel a bit better.  The overwhelming and devastating fatigue seems to have gone which is wonderful.  I'm now just facing tiredness, weakness and little energy.  To those that don't understand the fatigue, there is just no way to explain it.  You feel like the walking dead, kind of like a zombie with a half-functioning brain and without the cravings to eat people.  Ha!

In order to avoid the hour plus drive to the new doctor, I also got a prescription so that I can do my own shots.  Let me tell you.... scary!!  The needle isn't like the short needle used for giving insulin, it's a long one because it needs to go into the muscle.  It was a bit of a stressful week before the next shot that I would have to give to myself.  Luckily, a few phone calls and I found a nurse that lives a few blocks away that was willing to help me.  Thank you heaven above!!  I really didn't know how I was going to stick that huge needle into myself without passing out or running down the street screaming.

I'm still waiting for my legs and hips to start functioning normally again and I pray that they do.  Tripping over my feet, constantly aching hips and being unable to lift my legs is no fun.  I'm told that they may never recover fully.  For those unfamiliar with Pernicious Anemia, as it progresses, the symptoms can mimic those of MS.  My brain fog is subsiding and I feel that I can breathe a little more freely now.  I'm still wondering how my doctor missed my diagnosis for all these years!  Do you have faith in the medical community?


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