Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Passing...

Friday night my mother's oldest brother passed away in his sleep. This photo shows my mom and her brothers from an earlier time. Isn't it funny how time passes in a family and as people grow, they either stay connected or grow disconnected. I was never close with my uncle but I absolutely adored spending time with his children, my cousins, and my aunt, when I was growing up. Frankly, he scared me. I was afraid of his gruff manner and short temper. I was certainly never connected to the chuckling man with wavy blonde hair who was my uncle.

However, when one passes it makes you think. Who was that person, really? Were they sad at times, happy with memories, bitter with pain? Was it hard for them to let people into their life? Are they in a better place now, free from whatever inner demons plagued them?

I pray that his mother, my beautiful 93-year old grandmother has comfort and those who loved this man, that I never connected with, feel peace. And although I cannot say that my uncle is now an angel in heaven, I certainly hope he is among them.