Sunday, November 28, 2010

Daily Deal Sites, Score a Deal !!!

Are you familiar with the Daily Deal Sites? They offer a deal every day often both locally and nationwide. You may have heard of Groupon, Screamin' Daily Deals, Living Social Deals, etc. Often these sites offer a credit just for signing up. I recommend that you sign up even if you don't purchase anything right away -- that way you can get your account credit. We recently got a $20 gift certificate to Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor for $5!! Talk about a cheap family night event.

A brand new site is Gaggle of Chicks and they are offering a $10 account credit for signing up. Go HERE and make an account (you will need to confirm the email they send). You can wait to use your credit until you see something that you would want and use!! I personally have gotten some free items using just the account credit at daily deals sites. Sweet!


Megan Enloe said...

Thank you for mentioning us. We work hard to save you money and we give a percentage of our profits to the school or non profit you chose when you join:-)

Megan from Screamin Daily Deals

ArtsyChaos said...

Yay!! We love Screamin Daily Deals!!