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Scrapbook Review: Westcott Blooms Laser Ruler

I first saw this ruler advertised in a scrapbook mag and have been very excited to try it out ever since. I'm always drawing pencil lines on layouts to keep things straight... especially when gluing down titles. This laser ruler seemed just the thing to make my scrapping simpler. I ordered it from my favorite online scrapping site and today I received it in the mail. I paid around $17 for it.

I was immediately and sadly, disappointed. It feels much like a cheap plastic ruler you'd purchase from the dollar store. The mechanism that contains the laser is also very cheaply made. You can adjust the laser to different angles and the little dial has a lot of play in it, it just never fully snaps into place to hold the laser line perfectly straight. The ruler itself also doesn't lay flat, it sort of wobbles.

The pluses are the fun colors. I got the pink and green, absolutely adorable. There are also little rubber feet on the underside of the ruler to keep it from sliding about on your table or work surface.

I'm afraid I could not whole heartedly recommend this laser ruler. It's a fabulously wonderful idea but I think your money would be better spent on an old fashioned T-square.

Enjoy your week !!



tonya said…
hmmm, good to know. I think I just might use my hubby's laser ruler. He has one for woodworking. Might be better...I'll let ya know, LOL.
Nicole said…
I second the t-square notion!!
XUE said…
how sad when you order something online & the delivered item turned out to be a disappointment! When I first saw this pix, I was thinking "wow!" & then all thoughts of ordering it too.....vanished when I read yr review! Thank you too, for yr gracious comments over at azure islands, it was really kind of you.
Anonymous said…
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