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Easy Gumball Machines from Clay Pots

For Valentine's Day this year I found so many cute crafts on Pinterest. One that stood out was this cute gumball machine made from clay pots and a glass votive holder. Here is the one that I pinned, but there are many others I have seen. I decided to post a tutorial since you could use different colors of paint and ribbons to make these for Easter, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, etc.

Start with: 

  • Small clay pot and saucer. I found mine at Hobby Lobby for about $1.50.
  • Round glass votive holder. These I found at Dollar Tree for $1. I also saw some at Hobby Lobby.
  • Dowel finials for the tops. I got these also at Hobby Lobby in a package of 4 for around $1. You could also use drawer pulls.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Paint. You can also spray with a light clear finishing spray after painting.
  • Ribbons.
  • Candy or small objects to fill the "gumball machine".

Paint the clay pot, saucer, and wooden dowel finial in your choice of paint. Let dry completely. 

Using hot glue gun, assemble the project by gluing the glass "bowl" onto the upside down clay pot. Glue the wooden finial or drawer pull onto the bottom of the clay saucer.

Fill the round glass with candy or other objects of choice and place the saucer lid on top. Attach ribbon and you're done!


T said…
Hi! Stopping by from the Alexa Drop Hop!

These are adorable!

Unknown said…
What a fun project!!! Looks perfect to brighten up a rainy day with my boys! Thanks for sharing :) Stopping through on the Alexa Hop. Thanks for dropping by my page! Have a fantastic weekend!!!
Carrie said…
ah, that is so cute!!! i would so not have the patience to do this. unless i really needed to. LOL.

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This is so cute! I need to remember this next year!
newest follower! We would love for you to stop by!
Unknown said…
would be fun to make!

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