Friday, September 30, 2011

Karina's #Craft Challenge!!

Here at Artsy Chaos, we are always up for a challenge. Mix crafting in that challenge and you have yourself a party! Karina over at Karina's Challenge recently asked several craft bloggers to participate in a bit of a game to see what everyone would come up with.  Everyone participating was given a bag of similar supplies to use and were allowed to add items from their own stash as well. I decided on a banner for my daughter's room!

From the bag Karina supplied, I used the paper, brads and ribbon. The photo letters are from Artistic Letters and are copyright by Jodi Gerber. (We have an article on Artistic Letters which you can read here.)

This was a lot of fun, thanks Karina!  There will be voting on the projects over at Karina's Challenge October 1st-8th if you'd like to head over and participate.


Karina Wetzel said...

LOOVE HOW this turned out :)!! Thanks again Wendy :)!!!