Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freezer Jam/Salsa and @StickerYou! #printing

Have I ever mentioned that I really dislike cooking?  Yes, it's true.  Unfortunately, my sister convinced me to go over to her house to make jam and salsa for the freezer.  Super fun?  No, not really.  Super yummy?  Totally!  I'm the cooking party pooper I suppose.  We did try out some stickers you print yourself at home, though, and stickers are super fun to use as labels for your canning jars!

More on StickerYou later on in the post...

We certainly had plenty of peaches to use in our jam as our peach tree is overloaded.  The tree even had a large branch break a few weeks ago from the weight of the peaches.  And they are tasty!  Fresh peaches just picked from the tree are very yummy. As for a recipe, we decided to use the recipe that is on the pectin jar.  I did a lot of internet searches and honestly, most recipes are similar so we just decided to use the basic.  Having made no-cook jam before which failed horribly (tasted great, had the consistency of syrup), we also went with a cooked recipe. Freezer jam will last for up to a year in your freezer.

My sister also had a bug to make some fresh salsa which neither of us had made before.  Turns out it is very easy with a package of salsa mix available in the canning section at the supermarket and a case of fresh tomatoes.  We did have to purchase the tomatoes as neither of us had enough tomatoes to use.  The worst part is blanching, peeling and chopping up all the tomatoes.  Not hard, just time consuming.  Our salsa turned out super tasty!  In fact, I froze it all except for one 1/2 pint jar which disappeared in .5 seconds.  Hubby approved is a good thing.

Seems that salsa takes tons of tomatoes to make a small amount.  We made 4 batches and used nearly the entire case.  Do you make freezer salsa?  What recipe do you use?  We'd love to hear!

Now, onto those stickers.  StickerYou makes stickers that you can purchase at Hobby Lobby (in the US) and at Mastermind and Scholar's Choice (in Canada) and then print yourself at home using their online sticker creator application.  These make perfect canning labels!  They're removable and not too sticky and they stick perfectly to the plastic canning jars and lids for freezing.  I've had them in my freezer and they stick great.  These stickers are shiny and glossy and classy looking too!

StickerYou's Make+Print online web application for creating the stickers is very easy to use with their tons of graphics.  I must say, however, that using the text personalize option was kind of glitchy.  We had to refresh and save many times to get the text to work properly in the recommended browsers.  It was slightly frustrating.  If you just want a pre-made image with no personalized text it is super easy to make the stickers and print using a pdf file.

All in all, if you're looking for some really great quality stickers that you can print at home, the StickerYou Make+Print stickers are a great option.  You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to learn about new products and possible promotions.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.