Saturday, August 20, 2011

Erin's Slumber Party {Utah's B98.7} @toddanderin

I was invited. Yay!  

Every year, Erin, part of the dynamic duo which is Todd and Erin in the Morning on B98.7, holds a spectacular party... or "Slumber Party" as it were.  This party is for girls only and you must win tickets from the radio station in order to participate in the night's festivities.  I have never been before and was able to bring 3 people with me to event yesterday!  It was certainly easy to pick my party partners:

My pretty sister!
(As she got sparkles tied into her hair.)

My beautiful daughter-in-law and daughter!

Me with the lovely Erin! 
(My hair was melting from the heat of the conference room.)

Attendees to the Slumber Party wear pajamas, lounge pants, sweats, yoga pants; whatever, anything goes.  There is free food to try, lots of booths for shopping and spa treatments starting at $5.  We wanted to get my daughter's eyebrows waxed but that didn't work out, sadly.  My sister and daughter got sparkles in their hair at the Twilight Moms booth (the poor cute lady at the booth was working against the wind to tie it in but she did a spectacular job!) and my daughter-in-law got feather extensions.  We found some adorable jewelry to buy and got a few freebies.

We got to discover some new products including NouVara which I sampled and everyone swore that the eye I put the sample on had less fine wrinkles than the other!  We got to try sandwiches, bagels, sweet rolls, stone pizza, a chocolate fountain, red velvet bundt cake and freeze dried fruits (the pineapple was amazing).  We also got to enjoy live music from bands including Parachute.

We really had a fun time.  The biggest highlight of the night was the urinals, however.  Yep, the urinals.  You see, they had converted the "mens room" into a ladies room just for the night.  Certainly gives a twist on their function, don't you think?

FTC Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for writing this content and I have no material connection to the brands, topics and/or products that are mentioned herein. Big thanks to Erin and B98.7 for the fun party!


Nikki said...

How neat! I wish my town did cool stuff like that. Love the urinal plants in the last picture!

Frendacuae said...

How neat! I wish my town did cool stuff like that. Love the urinal plants in the last picture!